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Skechers President Reiterates Wear Masks Policy for its Stores

To wear a mask or not to wear a mask? It’s not even up for debate for customers and employees in Skechers’ stores. While a recent video ( of an Oklahoma City, OK, shopper throwing boxes of shoes at a Skechers employee for asking the customer to abide by the store’s mask policy and CDC safety protocol goes viral, Skechers President Michael Greenberg delivered a statement in response to the necessity of masks in its stores.

“The video of a customer throwing boxes of shoes at a Skechers employee at our store in Oklahoma City is troubling,” Greenberg states. “We understand that these are frustrating and alarming times, and not everyone is comfortable with the new way we have to operate. But this kind of aggression toward one of our team members is unacceptable and inappropriate. As Covid-19 continues to be a concern across the United States and around the world, we will continue to stand firm on mask requirements in our Skechers stores for the safety of our employees and that of our customers.”

Skechers mask requirement is clearly stated outside and inside its stores, and all employees are asked to ensure that this protocol as well as safety measures supported by the CDC are followed. In the case of the Oklahoma City store, the mask guidelines follow those requested by the mayor made in early July. “We have experienced an outpouring of community support for mask requirements the since this incident,” Greenberg adds. “We have also supplied our stores with complimentary masks to ensure that future patrons without masks can shop at our stores and adhere to these requirements for the safety of all.”


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