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Skechers Donations Surpass $8 Million to Save Shelter Animals

Skechers’ philanthropic BOBS from Skechers collection has surpassed more than $8 million to date to save and help over 1.5 million animals in need in the United States and Canada. The milestone reflects the Manhattan Beach, CA-based company’s growing investment in animal welfare across North America, which in June will include a register round-up at Skechers stores throughout North America as well as planned adoption events with national non-profit organization Petco Love and animal welfare partners in California, Texas, Nebraska and Vancouver. Additionally, Skechers and Petco Love continue to recognize organizations across the country that have gone above and beyond to protect and save shelter dogs and cats by investing in their lifesaving work with special grants and check celebrations. These grants allow the organizations to expand their efforts to help more animals in need through adoption, medical care and numerous other lifesaving initiatives throughout the nation.

“The BOBS from Skechers movement has inspired communities everywhere who love animals—and through this collection, we continue to find new ways to help make a difference,” states Michael Greenberg, president of Skechers. “From growing our BOBS apparel lines to offering low-cost, on-site vaccination services at our adoption events, we’re giving consumers more opportunities to show their love and care for shelter dogs and cats—and we’re grateful to have our great partner Petco Love along for this incredible journey.”

“The work we do with BOBS from Skechers allows us to help even more animals and bring pets and families together,” says Susanne Kogut, president of Petco Love. “The donations from Skechers are lifesaving and help us build closer, stronger and healthier communities for both pets and the people who love them.”


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