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Safe Sandals

Birkenstock brings vegan offerings to the U.S. market.

In the U.S., Birkenstocks are a staple in every fashion girl’s diet. But, until now, U.S. shoppers searching for vegan Birkenstocks had to look to Europe (where the vegan version of the classic Madrid sandal recently nabbed a Vegan Fashion Award from PETA Germany). Beginning in February, consumers have access to the full Birkenstock vegan collection in such definitive styles as the Arizona, Boston and Gizeh through the company’s official online shop and select retail stores.  The first U.S. run of the shoes includes 30,000 pairs in different sizes and colors.

“Every day, PETA hears from shoppers who are looking for vegan-friendly retailers, and Birkenstock now fits the bill,” says PETA Director of Corporate Affairs Anne Brainard. “These iconic vegan styles meet the skyrocketing demand for footwear that’s as trendy and comfortable as it is kind to animals and the environment.”   

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