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Runway Summit

Cat Footwear was shown during New York Fashion Week at ICB's ready-to-wear presentation.

On Feb. 14, models posed for fashion’s leaders wearing ICB’s Fall/Winter ’17 ready-to-wear line and Cat Footwear. The brand’s rugged boots were the perfect complement for the show’s “Glacial Summit” theme. Rugged hikers from Cat were paired with layered knits and materials such as silk, satin and velvet and more-winterized textiles like mohair, shearling and alpaca. 

“Being bold has always been at the brand’s core, thanks to the innovation, determination and power that define Caterpillar Inc.s’ world-shaping equipment,” offers Dani Zizak, Chief Marketing Officer for Cat Footwear. “Like ICB, our consumer is an earthmover who shares the same core values: powered by determination, these innovators and leaders can overcome any barrier by going boldly.”

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