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CAT celebrates a milestone with artful takes on its iconic “Colorado” boot

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Cat footwear’s iconic Colorado boot, the brand challenged artists in 140 countries where its products are sold to submit a piece of art using the boot as a canvas. New York–based 3D illustrator Liz Lomax submitted a bright, contrasting pair (pictured below) for the U.S. Ultimately, Mexico’s Abeulo Fuego design (above) by Marcos Carrillo Gonzalez sealed the win and $25,000 worth of inventory for his territory.

Cat Footwear will also be rolling out a new collection of Colorado boots for both men and women in a variety of colors and materials to celebrate the milestone. “The Colorado boot is a deeply rooted symbol for our brand,” says Chief Marketing Officer Dani Zizak. “Twenty-five years ago, our consumers challenged the status quo in by wearing our authentic work boots as a personal expression of everyday style. This revolutionary idea transformed the rugged boot market, and created a demand for the fashion-driven product our brand is known for today.”

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