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PlanetShoes gets personal with weekly video series.



Eco-friendly online retailer PlanetShoes has launched #InOurWorld, a weekly video series featuring its employees discussing what makes a particular brand the site carries so special. With more than 200 brands, PlanetShoes is known for carrying a curated collection of shoes backed by interesting stories. The first video went live on Sunday, January 19, and showcased outdoor lifestyle brand Merrell, while the latest one features Director of Merchandising Brooks Maitland discussing her love of Old Gringo boots. 

“PlanetShoes is incredibly excited to launch this video series, showcasing our most unique, interesting brands and the stories behind them,” says Phil Meynard, president of Planet, Inc. “We believe our customers will be delighted by these fun, light-hearted videos that show a little of who we are.”


The June 2024 Issue

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