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Plae Debuts Shoe in Support of The Battery

Plae has partnered with The Battery, a private social club based in San Francisco, for an exclusive “Battery Powered” shoe with 100 percent of net proceeds going to the Battery Powered program, a social impact model that has given away nearly $13 million to over 65 organizations since launching in 2014. The giving circle empowers its members to find and support solutions, both locally and globally, to important social issues.

“This partnership was the perfect opportunity to encapsulate Plae’s earnest passion in giving back to the community,” states Ryan Ringholz, founder of Plae and a member of The Battery.  “As two San Francisco-based companies who honor and contribute daily to furthering self-expression and education, we thought this was an opportunity that would be an entry way for anyone to help The Battery in making the world a better place one step at a time.” 

“We found an immediate connection with Plae around innovation, which is a driving force in our work here at Battery Powered, both in how we galvanize community support for important issues and in the kinds of solutions that we fund,” says Colleen Gregerson, executive director, Battery Powered.

The Battery Powered shoe ($160) will be a new iteration of Plae’s popular adult Mulberry design that will feature the custom Battery Powered lightning bolt logo and a blue-and-green color scheme. Plae’s handcrafted, customizable and gender-neutral offerings is intended to represent how the brand is a supporter of exploration and creativity. The shoe was inspired by The Battery’s mission that champions technology and innovation and enacts support from its members on prominent issues including childhood nutrition, mental health, the arts and early childhood education. Ringholz adds that The Battery as an ideal fit with its own Plae-it-Forward program, a community driven initiative that supports causes locally and nationally.  


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