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Payless Announces Plans to Open 300 to 400 Stores

They’re baaaack… Payless, which emerged from bankruptcy protection in January after shuttering all its 2,100 U.S. stores, plans to open 300 to 400 standalone stores nationwide in the next three to five years. The Miami-based chain relaunched an e-commerce site this month (featuring its brands L.A. Gear, Airwalk and American Eagle, among others) and will debut its new store design in November (in Miami), which will feature an “updated” look, including smart mirrors, touchscreen wall panels and AR-powered foot comparison charts.

“We are fully aware that we’re relaunching in a time when many have lost their jobs, finances are tight and parents nationwide are adjusting to working from home, facilitating at-home schooling for their children,” states CEO Jared Margolis. “We saw an opportunity for the brand to relaunch into the US market…at a time when value couldn’t be more critical.”

Payless plans to have 30 to 45 stores open in early 2021 in Texas and other border states in addition to its existing 700 international stores, including franchised locations.

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