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Nurse Mates gives back with a charitable campaign for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Nurse Mates, maker of healthcare professional footwear, accessories and apparel, is launching a new charitable campaign in support of Children’s Cancer Research. Launching tomorrow, Sept. 1, the month-long cause #GiveHeartsForKids is designed to promote Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

For the month of September, Nurse Mates will donate $10 for every online footwear purchase on, $1 for every new email sign-up to the brand’s customer list and $1 for every image posted on Instagram with the users hands in the shape of a heard accompanied by the hashtag #GiveHeartsForKids.

“As a company that serves individuals in the healthcare profession, we are forever committed to giving back. With September being the national awareness month for Childhood Cancer, we felt it was the perfect opportunity to get involved in a cause that is very close to all of us,” offers David Issler, President and Creative Director of Nurse Mates. “The decision to support innocent children who are faced with life threatening diseases each day was, to put it simply, incredibly easy. Nurses give of themselves and provide comfort to their patients everyday. This cause champions the courage and spirit of our community that we are so proud to be a part of.”

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