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OluKai Drops Deep Blue Something

Each pair of OluKai’s Hawaiian Blue collection that dropped today is 100 percent unique, thanks to a closed loop sustainable system in which Hawaiian Blue artists Donna Miyashiro and Tokunari Fujibayashi planted, grew and harvested the indigo in the Aloha State to dye 700 pairs—a process that took nine months to complete.

“Creating the hand-dyed fabric with the Hawaiian Blue team ensures that we’re delivering a truly one-of-a-kind pair of shoes, and creating product that really is made of Hawaii,” states Blaine Conrad, vice president of product.

“The process of dyeing the fabric with the Indigo is mesmerizing!” says Miyashiro. “To see it emerge as a yellowish green and transform into a beautiful hue similar to a twilight sky is an experience that never ceases to amaze.”

OluKai discovered the artists through its ongoing partnership with Pow! Wow! and connected with them through the artist community in Kaha’ako, Oahu. The brand was drawn to the fabric because the shades of blue reflect the different hues of the Pacific Ocean, aligning with its “Anywhere Aloha” mantra.

Hawaiian Blue is exclusive to with 500 pairs available in the women’s Pehuea style and 200  men’s Kahu slip-ons.

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