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Okabashi Recognized During White House’s ‘Made in America Week’

Okabashi, a brand with the capacity to manufacture up to 20,000 pairs of shoes a day in its environmentally-friendly Buford, GA, factory, was one of the companies recognized during President Trump’s Made in America Certification Event, which is aligned with his mission to bring jobs back to America by manufacturing products in the States.

I have a strong belief that eco-conscious, responsible manufacturing can flourish in the United States if we focus on consumers and are disciplined in our approach,” says Sara Irvani, CEO of Okabashi. (pictured below) “I feel a strong responsibility to grow the company and create jobs for the team who, along with our consumers, are so motivated and passionate about the incredible quality of the product. Okabashi is an authentic American heritage story. We have a box of customer love letters dating back to 1984.”

Okabashi, is a family owned and operated American-made shoe company with a focus on foot health, a better environment and a better economy. Through their Georgia-based headquarters and 100,000-square-foot production facility, the company has created more than 200 jobs with many of their team members staying with the company for 15-plus years. Today, $2 billion of footwear is made in the United States with more than 98 percent of shoes being made overseas. Irvani says Okabashi is proud to be apart of that remaining 2 percent, providing jobs and financial growth to their local economy. She was also the only CEO under age 30 at the White House conference and one of two companies present led by women.

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