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O Loves M Debuts Designer Bag to help Businesses Affected by Hurricane Irma

O Loves M is based in Colorado but owner and designer, Merle O’Brien, has got Florida’s back. The exec has created a new line of unique handmade bags to be offered at a substantial discount to business owners that are victims of Hurricane Irma in an effort to help get them back on their feet after the devastation wrought in Florida.

“O Loves M loves to help,” states O’Brien, “and I feel that this is so important to give store owners some relief so they can rebuild their businesses and livelihoods.”

O’Brien was motivated to help those affected by the hurricane after reading an article in which an owner of an outdoor specialty store in the affected area made a plea for assistance. The owner says retailers are going to need help from vendors to recover, especially during the winter season, from damages they sustained and to make their enterprises profitable again in the quickest way possible.

O’Brien has designed a special, American-made bag that she will offer to buyers at a significantly discounted cost. Buyers can create mark-ups that provide them with a better profit margin to help with the funds needed to rebuild, she says. Fabrics will vary, providing individuals with different options from which to choose.

O Loves M produces an exclusive line of eco-friendly and vegan handbags, purses and clutches, along with totes, as well as a collection of dog leashes and the popular water bottle holders. Each unique product is created from new yoga mats or those that stores and studios couldn’t sell.


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