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New Cat Footwear Boot Features Ergonomically Correct Platform

According to the Harvard School of Public Health, 75 percent of workers in the construction industry suffer from chronic knee and back pain but take fewer days off than most industries, and a study by the Midwest Economic Policy Institute found that the injury rate for construction workers is 77 percent higher than the national average. The numbers don’t lie, and Cat Footwear is addressing the problem with its cutting-edge new work boot, the Cat Edge, designed specifically for injury prevention for industrial workers.

Stepping outside the box of traditional industrial footwear design, the boot ($180 SRP) is led by an ergonomically correct footwear platform to reduces stress on the body for workers who are standing over long periods of time. The outsole provides optimal stability with a wide, full-ground midfoot contact to reduce ankle rotation and weight bearing stresses. The ergonomic insole supports the three main arches of the foot in order to reduce lower extremity fatigue, prevent overuse of the arches when standing and to create more stability by making full contact with the foot. The Cat Edge also features a 5-Point Injury Prevention system designed to prevent fatigue. It includes a rounded heel to mimic the foot’s shape, full contact outsole to provide stability and alignment up the leg, a split shank that allows the boot to move naturally with the foot, flex grooves in the outsole and a multi-contact insoles provide superior comfort and support.

“As a brand committed to keeping workers safe every day, Cat Edge is an important and necessary innovation in Cat Footwear’s workwear family,” states Kelly Ballou, vice president of marketing at Cat Footwear, a division of Wolverine Worldwide. “Our team set out to develop a boot that would not only protect workers with cutting-edge footwear innovation but also provide workers with a boot that helps reduce pain, giving them the opportunity to not only work hard, but most importantly get back to their lives and play harder.”

Cat Edge waterproof Nano Toe work boot.

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