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Music City

Nashville-based Journeys group celebrates its 30th anniversary with a city-wide community giving event.

Senior Photography ManagerEmployees of Journeys Group, a retail division of Nashville-based Genesco Inc., celebrated the company’s 30th anniversary with a citywide giving event today as part of the retailer’s annual global sales meeting in Nashville, TN.

Throughout the day, 665 Journeys Group employees served at 11 non-profit organizations around the city focusing on projects that support children, young adults and families. The service day culminated at Cole Elementary, where employees fit 835 students with a free pair of new shoes. Nashville’s mayor, Megan Barry, was present to kick off the event.

“One of our core values is ‘an attitude that cares.’ Spending the day giving back to the Nashville community is an extraordinary way for our employees to celebrate Journeys Group 30th anniversary while saying thank you to our hometown,” said Jim Estepa, president and chief executive officer of Journeys Group. “We opened the first Journeys store in 1986 at Rivergate Mall, and today still call Nashville home with more than 1,300 stores in seven countries operating under seven banners.”Journeys Employees at Rocketown

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