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Mizuno Introduce Sales Training App for Retailers

Retailers wanting to know the latest features and benefits of Mizuno running shoes can now log onto EdApp. The mobile-based micro-learning platform even features a game component—complete with prizes—to those who know the brand’s products best.

With high levels of new product releases combined with the high rates of staff turnover, EdApp provides a unique learning experience and allow learners to access courseware when it suits them. The goal, ultimately, is better customer experiences when employees have constant access to product specifics. 

“Retail is one of the most challenging learning environments, particularly when you are looking at training a predominantly casual workforce,” states Darren Winterford, CEO of EdApp. “Mizuno has recognized EdApp’s unique learning experience can solve these challenges and has an unprecedented ability to educate in this arena. Our unique mobile-first platform enables Mizuno to engage retail cohorts seamlessly, contributing to a continuous and valuable learning experience, even without them being direct employees.” 

“We understand the importance of implementing top-tier training for our clients and employees, which is why we are excited to be deploying EdApp into our training solution,” says Sally James, marketing manager for Mizuno. “We are particularly impressed with how EdApp has provided us with a platform that can be used to explain the more detailed and technical side of our product, which is essential to accurately represent the Mizuno brand.” 

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