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Maggie’s Organics Launches ‘Share Kindness’ Initiative

Through May 31, 2020, Maggie’s Organics is offering a free identical pair with each sock purchase. The Dexter, MI-based company, founded in 1992, is asking that the spare pair be given to a neighbor, friend, relative or even a stranger. The “Share Kindness” initiative is a way to express appreciation and compassion during the stressful Covid-19 quarantine period.

“We could all use some extra comfort and warmth right now,” says Bena Burda, president of Maggie’s Organics. “So far, we’ve had wonderful people give their extra pairs to postal workers, grocery store employees, University of Michigan Hospital and pharmacy techs. I’m so glad that the generosity of our customers is really shining through.”

Each pair of socks purchased will automatically have an identical pair included in shipments at no extra charge. Testimonials sent to the fair trade company’s website describe customers’ donations of socks to medical centers, food service workers, homeless shelters and veterans.

Maggie’s Organics socks have been made in the U.S.A. for more than 25 years. Small family farmers harvest the cotton for its garments and the company regularly donate profits to groups like the Pollinator Project and Project Noah. “Our socks are made with love, dignity and respect for all the hands that made them and for all the feet that wear them,” Burda says.

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