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Lug soles are making moves for men and women

All Terrain

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The lug sole is making its way from the trail to the city streets as designers beget men’s brogues and boots alike with an all-terrain bottom. Harking back back to periods of fashion rebellion–think punk and grunge–the clunky sole is  re-imagined with a preppier twist (read: loafer silhouettes and pops of color). The heavy-duty rubber soles had some traction on both Riccardo Tisci’s runway for Givenchy (above left) and at the Alexander McQueen show (above right). Grounding tailored suits and giving a rugged edge to more fashion-forward ensembles, the soles seem to be making moves. Percolating through both men’s and women’s fashion, these clunky creepers are definitely androgynous despite their masculine origins.

The March 2024 Issue

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