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Laundry Day

Chinese Laundry announces a rebrand in tandem with its 35th anniversary.

It’s Chinese Laundry’s birthday, and they’ll rebrand if they want to. Next month, the company behind the Chinese Laundry, Dirty Laundry and Kristin Cavallari lines celebrates its 35th anniversary and is marking the milestone with a new outlook. Along with revamped web and marketing materials, new product and packaging is due to hit stores for Spring ’17. “The retail environment is unspecified-1changing so quickly, so we knew that this rebrand couldn’t be a knee-jerk reaction to what’s happening in fast fashion,” comments founder and CEO Bob Goldman, adding, “This endeavor had to be true to our core values and what we believe in as a brand.”  

The initiative keeps Chinese Laundry as the flagship brand but aims to further define its target customer as well as for the Dirty Laundry, CL by Laundry and Kristin Cavallari by Chinese Laundry brands. Logo and marketing materials attempt to highlight the brand’s Los Angeles heritage and casual-cool aesthetic. “After 35-plus years, we’re finally telling everyone where we live, work, and play—it’s all about Los Angeles and the West Coast–mentality that it goes hand-in-hand with,” offers EVP Steward Goldman. “We’ve been based here for over four decades; it’s in our DNA. It’s in everything we do, so we think that now is the time to tell the world that we’re part of the energy, excitement, and buzz that’s coming out of LA.”

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