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Ladies First

Animal-friendly brand Malibu sandals introduces a new women's line.

2596_sideMalibu Sandals, makers of modern-day Mexican Huarache sandals, introduces its first-ever women’s line for the current Spring ’16 season. Six styles in various color combinations have been designed to bridge Old World craftsmanship with a contemporary design that integrates fashion and utility. “The modern Huarache sandals were born out of a void in the marketplace for something unique and innovative, yet familiar,” offers Founder Kevin O’Neill. “Adopting the centuries old hand-woven details and primal aesthetic of the classic Huarache pattern, we have combined contemporary techniques to provide casual performance and comfort features.”

The handmade sandals are PETA-approved, made of PU synthetic “leather” and nylon with a water-based glue. Fittingly, Malibu’s products support the California Wildlife Center (CWC) by donating one-percent of net proceeds to the organization. O’Neill notes that along with the donation, the brand also provides CWC staff with sandals and is working on creating a small group of volunteers to train with the non-profit’s marine mammal program to partake in local rescue efforts.

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