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L.A. Gear and TYGA Present Second Sneaker Collab

The brand-new Black Nubucks serve up ‘90s throwback style in not-so-basic black.

After re-launching in March and celebrating with a high-profile collaboration, classic sneaker brand L.A. Gear and multi-platinum rapper TYGA have teamed up for a second pair of kicks. The “Black Nubuck L.A. Lights by TYGA” hit shelves at Sheikh Shoes stores throughout southern California last weekend.


The monochromatic sneaks are a more understated answer to the brand’s debut collaboration with TYGA, the flashy Liquid Gold Lights. The Black Nubucks feature a matte black nubuck upper with red details on the tongue and outsole, as well as L.A. Lights’ signature light-up heel bottoms.


“We wanted to follow the Liquid Gold Lights launch with a more subtle color and material while tying back to the original design when it launched in the early 90s,” says L.A. Gear President Lance Jackson, adding that the new offering is perfect for the more conservative L.A. Lights fan. TYGA, who serves as the creative consultant for L.A. Gear, describes the new collab as “clean and simple.”

Unlike the limited edition Liquid Golds, the Black Nubucks ($120) are available in wide release. For more information, check out

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