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Keen Introduces ‘Together We Can Help’ Initiative in Response to Covid-19 Pandemic

Keen wants to do its part to help fight the Covid-19 pandemic and is doing so by putting its best boots and shoes forward, so to speak. The initiative is called “Together We Can Help” and it will provide up to 100,000 pairs, or about $10 million worth of shoes, to the workers on the front lines, families at home fighting through this crisis and just about anyone else who is in need.
To be clear, the company states this is not about shoes; this is about Keen doing what it does best to help communities build connection in a positive way to help us all fight through this crisis. “The Together We Can Help initiative is fundamentally about enabling people to take positive action and build connection in a time of increasing isolation,” states Erik Burbank, global GM Outdoor, Lifestyle, Kids. “We believe allowing people to ‘pay it forward’ by providing someone in their community with a free pair of shoes will help build connection at a time of great need.”
People can nominate anyone—friends, loved ones and even those they only know in passing—in the hope that it will build connection at a time of great need. Just go to and you only need to provide your email and the email of the person you are nominating. The person nominated will receive an email inviting them to pick a pair of shoes or boots from the site and provide shipping information. Keen will ship a free pair of shoes to them at no cost.

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