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Holiday Shopping: Unwrapped

What did Americans want for Christmas? Google knew.

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Celebrities and regular folk alike may have shared their Christmas hauls on Instagram and Facebook but Google had a pretty good idea of what would be under most trees before Santa Claus squeezed down any chimney. The New York Times asked the search engine for the top trending gift-related searches in major cities across the U.S.

Searches for Jordon Brand and Nike’s Lebron and KD shoes skyrocketed in Houston, Miami, New York, Charlotte and Washington. San Franciscans, meanwhile, sought out rain boots, most likely tied to the city’s recent bout of torrential rain, while Sorel’s Joan of Arctic boots were trending in Detroit. In Minneapolis, interest in Minnetonka moccasins surged compared with last year, and in Philadelphia, comfort was king as men’s Ugg shoes were a hot ticket item. Other popular searches included Frye boots in Birmingham, fringe boots in Jacksonville and Timberland boots in Jacksonville.

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