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Hibbett X Nike Sole School Initiative Supports 103 High School Athletic Programs Nationwide

Hibbett, Inc., in partnership with Nike, announced the launch of the 2023 Sole School Program, awarding 103 high schools and more than 2,500 students nationwide with a combination of in-kind donations, product, mentoring, and job opportunities valued at more than $650,000.

“We are proud at how our grassroots Sole School program has grown and flourished over the past eight years as we remain committed to strengthening our connection with schools in the communities we serve,” states Ben Knighten, senior vice president, Operations for Hibbett. “We developed the Sole School initiative as a multi-faceted way to make a meaningful impact for student athletes by not only offering funds but also connecting them with our local leaders to develop a plan for the future.”

In 2023, 103 sponsored Sole Schools were recipients of a financial donation on behalf of Hibbett | City Gear and Nike, to support their basketball program in a variety of ways. Sole Schools utilize donated funds for team gear, travel costs, athletic equipment, and other necessities. Schools also receive Hibbett | City Gear swag and mentoring from local Hibbett and City Gear leadership. As a community partner, Hibbett conducts regular outreach to schools and athletic programs in their local neighborhoods.

“Our partnership with Hibbett and being selected as a Sole School has been absolutely amazing,” ” says Victor Hunt Jr., Athletic Director and Head Football Coach at Warren County High School, Warrenton, NC. “Hibbett has provided us with much needed support, and we are extremely grateful for all they have done for us at Warren County High School.”

“Being selected as a Sole School means the world to the Freeport High School Boys Basketball program and it will have a significant impact on our mission and the lives of the players,” says Tee Jay Jackson, coach of the Freeport High School team in Freeport, IL “Hibbett’s commitment to the Boys Basketball program is truly admirable, and we are incredibly thankful for the positive difference they are making in our community.”

“Our Sole School program gives back, creating a generation empowered to make a positive difference, and I love being a leader in a company that gives back to a community that we serve and makes a difference in young athletes lives,” says Sheila Oakley, district sales manager for City Gear.

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