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Gilt explored how high-heel heights varied between U.S. states–and the results were surprising

Stilettos by State

Image and video hosting by TinyPicDon’t worry, this red and blue color-coded map of the United States doesn’t have anything to do with political parties. (We saw enough of those yesterday.) Rather it relays much more telling information–women’s heel heights. On the Gilt Tech blog, data scientist Igor Elbert and data analyst Debbie Chung explored how high-heel heights varied between the U.S. states. By tracking the average heights of heels purchased on Gilt, state by state, they found that the women of Puerto Rico, Florida, and Texas favor towering stilettos, while ladies living in Maine, Kansas and Nebraska keep to their kitten heels. Surprisingly enough, the fashion capital of the United States–New York–was middle of the road. Chalk it up to subways and slippery sidewalks or fashion’s current obsession with flats, New York woman keep their heels at a sensible 2.09-inches. The one thing the states are all united on? The color black. Data also showed that black was the most popular dress color in all 50 states–it looks like black is still the new black.

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