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Fingers Painting

Vibram FiveFingers will get the artist’s touch at Soleman Fine Art, Miami’s Fine Art and Wearable Art Space’s “Showcase at Aqua Art Miami” this Nov. 30- Dec. 4. Celebrity Artist Nabil Hssinou will paint designs on the glove-like styles as part of a curated wearable art exhibit.

Vibram debuted FiveFingers in 2006, challenging the conventional approach to footwear. The unique design respects the natural functionality of the foot, allowing the wearer to feel the ground naturally with a level of protection. It rapidly captured the attention of footwear enthusiasts and athletes worldwide. The line now includes models designed specifically for fitness, running, trail running, water sports, excursions, everyday use and training.

The Art Space also features original works by Almir Reis, Margo Holz Apfel, Adam Rote, Alex Melo, Sid Daniels and rare vintage pieces (including iconic sneaker designs) by Peter Max and Romero Britto.

Artist Nabil Hssinou at work on Vibram FiveFingers.

Artist Peter Max’s spin on Converse Chucks.

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