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FDRA Launches 2022 Shoe Voter Education Center

Footwear Distributors & Retailers of America (FDRA) understands that not every company may want to wade into political issues, especially at a time when the country is deeply divided. But, thanks to the FDRA’s Shoe Voter Education Center, companies can now at least educate its employees on how to vote and make their voices heard.

To ensure every shoe professional understands their local election laws and where and when to vote, FDRA has launched this free, one-stop election information center. The site provides all you need to vote, including:

·         How to register to vote—access your state’s application, rules and cut-off dates

·         How to apply for an absentee ballot—your state’s rules, request form and dates

·         Where your voting location is and ID requirements for in-person voting

·         Candidate info in your district for U.S. House, Senate and Governor

FDRA encourages industry members to make sure they are registered to vote ASAP so, if for some reason they aren’t, they can apply in time. Voter registration dates end soon!

Companies can adopt this system for their workforce across the country—from retail associates to operations staff. (It can also be used for consumers.) Companies do not need to pay third parties $50-$100,000 for a get out the vote (GOTV) platform. Just use FDRA’s for free.



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