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Ex-Monterey, California school superintendent sues city for $800,000 because she can’t wear high heels.

The 58-year-old tripped in a pothole and fell.

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Details emerged this week of a 58-year-old woman who is suing the City of Monterey for $800,000 after she tripped in a pothole and fell. Marilyn Shepherd, the former superintendent of Monterey Peninsula Unified School District, says she was standing on the 100 block of Webster Street in Monterey, CA, when she attempted to step off the sidewalk curb. While she claims she was wearing athletic shoes at the time, she fell to her hands and knees when her foot stepped in the hole. (An investigation by the city concluded that the hole was less than one inch deep.) An ambulance brought her to a hospital where she was treated for a fractured left ankle and a sprained right ankle.

Now, Shepherd and her attorney, Christopher Cayce, is suing the city for $750,000 because of several reasons, including her inability to wear high heels, and her husband, Leroy, is demanding $50,000 for the “emotional distress” caused by seeing his wife trip and fall. Just when you think you’ve heard it all…

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