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Ecco Wins Gold Medal at the New York Festivals TV & Film Awards

Ecco took home a gold medal in the Employee Engagement category at last night’s New York Festivals TV & Film Awards for portraying its workers in three employer branding films.

“How and why we do things will always define who we are as a company,” states Steen Borgholm, CEO of Ecco. “Letting our employees tell their personal stories is both authentic and inspiring and will help position Ecco as much more than a great place to work.”

New York Festivals TV & Film Awards honors film productions from more than 50 countries, mirroring today’s global trends and the next generation of talented storytellers. Ecco was shortlisted in the Employee Engagement category along with nine other finalists.

“Many companies struggle with communicating their values and turning them into more than just fine words on a piece of paper,” says Eva Kloch Norlyk, head of Internal Communication for Ecco, who attended the event in Las Vegas along with the Danish film production company Leadit. “The three employee portraits mirror the true life of an Ecco employee in a pure, honest and unfiltered way, which is a great achievement for us to capture on screen.”

Watch the films at:

Ecco employees represent a multicultural force working in the brand’s offices and stores around the world.

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