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Digital Switch

Zappos to become premier online retailer for Elliott Lucca.

Later this month, handbag brand Elliott Lucca will move all of its online retail to Zappos. Aside from its brick-and-mortar distribution, the brand’s website will focus on brand experience featuring lifestyle and marketing content while directing the consumer to purchase directly on Lifestyle lookbooks, collection updates and behind-the-scenes glimpses from the latest photoshoots will highlight—all directing purchases to Zappos. “This is an opportunity for us to team up with one of the best destination e-commerce sites and collaborate more closely,” said Keri Talucci, Elliott Lucca brand leader. “Zappos can help grow our reach and visibility of the brand much faster, ultimately helping all of our channels.” The online retail behemoth is also happy with the change. “ is thrilled to carry the Elliott Lucca brand and its intricate and handcrafted products, as well being named their preferred online retailer,” offered buyer Anya Elinson.

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