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Malibu Sandals collaborates with Missoni on a line of modern Huarache sandals.

Malibu Sandals collaborates with Missoni to reveal a line of men’s sandals that bridges old world craftsmanship with modernized design. The contemporary, yet culturally rich style of the Huarache sandal blends with Missoni’s colorful palette, creating a unique design that integrates fashion and utility. Malibu supplied the sandal designs and production, while Missoni directed the colorful aesthetics and material selections they are known for. The line of sandals was showcased in 23 looks on the runway during Missoni’s S/S16 fashion show in Milan.


“The modern Huarache sandals were born out of a void in the marketplace for something unique and innovative, yet familiar. Adopting the century-old hand-woven details and primal design of the classic Huarache pattern, we have combined contemporary techniques to provide casual performance and comfort features,” says Kevin O’Neill, founder of Malibu Sandals. “We are excited to have partnered with Missoni in order to bring this line of sandals to the market.”

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