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Dapper Dudes

Richer Poorer is upping Men's style with a sock subscription service.

A hot topic these days is how dudes are seriously stepping up their style game. For those who are hesitant to try out audacious footwear, socks is a good place to start. Earlier this week Richer Poorer launched a new sock subscription service that includes five pairs delivered quarterly.

Each Quarterly box (retailing at $48) will include a mixed sock silhouette assortment for seasonal versatility. Classic silhouettes such as crews and athletics will be the foundation of each assortment, and a specialty silhouette or style (no-shows, boot socks, made in the U.S., etc.) will be included in each for an element of surprise. Two classic crews, two everyday athletics, one no-show pack will be the assortment for the first spring Quarterly. The seasonal selections are curated by in-house designers and ambassadors in the know of current style trends.

Richer Poorer founders Iva Pawling and Tim Morse are hoping to target the fashion-forward male consumer by offering this audience a more style-oriented sock subscription service as compared to other programs. “We’re excited to unveil our subscription service, the Quarterly,” the duo says. “Giving our customers an easy way to update their top-drawer basics every few months is something we’re passionate about.”

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