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Clarks Partners with Visual Artists in Celebration of Black History Month

In celebration of Black history month, Clarks is sponsoring visual artists Chuck styles and Brooklyn Dolly to showcase the importance of art and connection in Black history. The brand produced four short films showcasing their creative process and the influence of Black culture on both their work and their personal experience.

“We are honored to work with Set Free and to showcase the incredible work of Chuck Styles and Brooklyn Dolly,” states Clarks CMO Tara McRae.
“Black culture has a meaningful connection to our brand and we’re proud to be able to use our platform to highlight Black history and the importance of creativity and self-expression.”

Art has a subtle, but long-standing tie to Black history that often goes unrecognized, but is essential for self-expression, communication and common connection. Directed by influential filmmaker and cultural conduit Set Free Richardson and shot/edited by NoLedge, the short films highlight the artists at work and their journey as creatives.

Chuck Styles is a multi-disciplinary artist from the Philadelphia area. He was no stranger to poverty and struggle growing up and found comfort in art from a young age. Today, representation is a key element in his work and he creates pieces that speak to the nuances and vibe of the Black community. Through his work, he seeks to inspire others to have the confidence and courage to do incredible things.

Brooklyn Dolly is known for her imaginative portraits of women of color and her use of mixed mediums. Her technique of layering adds richness and depth to her work and depicts her subjects in whimsical, dreamlike settings. She draws inspiration from the feminine shape and her hometown of Brooklyn.

The short films are showcased on and will be shared through Clarks social channels and emails.

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