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Chill Out Chicago

A meditation expert, footwear manufacture and shoe store come together to help de-stress in the Midwest.

Attention Windy City residents! Calm Chicago is hosting an event with Naot at Hanig’s Shoe Store to dispense helpful hints on how to de-stress. Like many cities, the noise and stress of traveling around in Chicago can take a toll on mental and physical health. This Thursday at Hanig’s (10a.m. to 4p.m.), learn stress-busting strategies with a leading expert in the field, Hillary Johnson, founder of Calm Chicago, Center for Mindfulness and Compassionate Transformation.

Johnson will give Hanigs customers a personalized three-minute walking meditation instruction to help them get through the day. She will show the science of how being fully present while walking reduces stress and how your posture determines confidence level. She will explain how to walk mindfully, feeling the rise and fall of the foot, slowing down the experience to notice all sensations of walking so to bring the heart and mind gently into the present moment. She’ll show how to use the pauses at cross walks as mindfulness breaks rather than opportunities for impatience. 

All participants will be entered to win a pair of Naot sandals and will receive discounts on Calm Chicago’s services.

The April/May 2024 Issue

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