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Cat Footwear Social Media Campaign to Help Detroit Mothers Facing Foreclosure

On Oct. 11th (this Wednesday), Cat Footwear will celebrate the United Nations’ “International Day of the Girl Child,” by launching an awareness campaign in partnership with and in support of The Tricycle Collective, a woman-led, volunteer-powered nonprofit organization working to provide additional support to Detroit mothers with young children who live in homes facing tax foreclosure. The one day social media event will call on fans and consumers of the brand to share information about the cause on Facebook, with the brand making a $5 donation in exchange for each share on the platform, up to $2,500.

“At Cat Footwear, we celebrate Earthmovers. The people who roll up their sleeves, get things done and make change happen,” states Dani Zizak, Chief Marketing Officer. “By encouraging shares on social media, we’ll be able to generate awareness and monetarily support mothers of young children in a nearby community. This Facebook event is designed to show how our Earthmovers can be bold on their own, but even bolder together.”

The Tricycle Collective work is done through the spreading of information like knocking on doors and the raising and distribution of funds. Their mission is to keep Detroit at home: “We believe that stable families build strong communities. We seek to create opportunities for stability through homeownership by collectivizing social, monetary and knowledge-based resources in order to change outcomes for families at risk of losing their housing to tax foreclosure.”

The event ties into Cat Footwear’s SS18 brand campaign “Bolder Together,” which is all about power in numbers, and consumers coming together to do great things and champion bold causes. Caterpillar has had a commitment to driving progress over the past 100 years, building some of the world’s greatest skylines along the way, and this initiative exemplifies that innovative and pioneering spirit that can catapult change.

To participate, consumers can go to Cat Footwear’s official Facebook page ( anytime on Wednesday, October 11th and share the designated “Day of The Girl” post.

For more information on the cause, Day of The Girl, or to learn more about Cat Footwear, visit:, and

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