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Camtrade Changes Name to Enjoiya Group

What’s in a name? A change to a happier one in the case of Camtrade LLC, makers of Enjoiya, Soft Comfort and Secret Celebrity women’s brands. The Boxboroug, MA-based company is now the Enjoiya Group LLC, effective immediately. The rebranding initiative reflects the evolution of the company, as well as its ambitious plans for the future.

“The Enjoiya Group banner more clearly represents our vision for the continued growth and development of our business,” states Frank Cammarata, CEO and principal of the Enjoiya Group. “As we look forward, we will identify as a strong, vibrant company consisting of several independent, stand-alone brands under one umbrella. Our new company name helps create this distinction.”

As the company’s premium brand, Enjoiya offers a variety of sandals, flats, slip-ons, wedges, boots, booties and athleisure styles. Designed in Italy, the collections feature versatile high-quality materials, vibrant colors and flawless craftsmanship. Comfort detailing plays an integral role: soft edges that cradle the foot and smooth cushioned insoles in combination with flexible outsoles are a hallmark.  “Our Enjoiya brand, which launched in the late Fall of 2019, had been a fresh and exciting addition to our company,” Cammarata says. “It also inspired us, during the pandemic shut-downs, to consider changing our company name to something new and less industrial, while we worked our way out of this challenging time. We decided that The Enjoiya Group would be a perfect fit, as the name already contained one of our brand names. It has a more exotic, diverse, feminine and wholistic feel to it, which is what we are striving for as a company.”

Secret Celebrity sports updated and contemporary “city-chic” designs, emphasizing fashion, fit and true comfort. The collections showcase an amazing assortment of boots, sandals, flats, wedges, sneakers and athleisure shoes. Embellishments such as bows, gemstones, grommets, buckles and fringe add fashion flair. Soft Comfort, meanwhile, provides a more casual and relaxed lifestyle fit and feel, with ultra-comfort being a true hallmark of the brand. The shoes are designed using super-soft relaxation technology to ensure flexibility, cushioning and comfort. Fashion detailing is evident throughout the collections. There is a wide range of sandals, boots, sneakers, wedges and flats adorned with top-stitching, ornamentation, metallic accents and embellishments.

All three brands offer compelling, value-centric pricing structures that resonate with today’s consumers. Retail prices for Secret Celebrity and Soft Comfort span the $40 to $70 range; Enjoiya runs between $80 and $120.

To coincide with the name change, the company’s logo has been redesigned and a new website, (, was launched in July. “As our business has developed, we have learned that fashion, fit, quality, comfort and price accessibility never go out of style,” Cammarata says. “In fact, they continue to be the cornerstone of our business. We are pleased to announce this positive step forward and are very excited about our future.”

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