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Building Style

Peter Marcus Group releases an architecturally inspired luxury collection, One Bernardo.

Peter Marcus Group will be expanding its luxury portfolio for Spring ’17, introducing a high-end counterpart to renowned sandal brand Bernardo. The new line, called One Bernardo, is handcrafted in Italy and features such architectural elements as custom ornamentation, geometric uppers, lucite and hand-painted details along with whimsical elements like jewels and feathers.

screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-1-39-14-pmPeter Grueterich, president and CEO of Peter Marcus Group, says One Bernardo is intended to revive the sensibility of the brand’s founder, Bernard Rudofsky (who was an architect and social theorist). “The collection embodies luxurious individual style for the distinctively cosmopolitain woman of today,” he adds. “One Bernardo is cool, easy, chic and unique—something that you can wear to dress up and feel unmistakably original.”

Executive VP of Sales Gladys Cutler reports the reaction at Spring trade shows was “overwhelmingly positive” from both retailers and media. “The silhouettes are wardrobe stables that every polished contemporary woman needs in her closet,” she muses. 

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