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Bridgedale Donates 16,000 Pairs of Socks to Help Homeless

Bridgedale Outdoor Ltd. is donating 16,000 Merino Hiker socks to the nonprofit organization, The Joy of Sox to then distribute to homeless communities across the U.S. and Canada through shelters, cafeterias (formerly soup kitchens) and health clinics.  

“Those experiencing homelessness often suffer from foot problems, not just cold weather, and socks are one of the least donated articles of clothing.” states Tom Costello Jr., chief sock person and founder of The Joy of Sox. “These Bridgedale socks are going to make a huge impact on our efforts to provide clean, new socks for those who live on the streets and in the shelters.”

“Bridgedale donates socks to non-profit organizations on a regular basis and when we heard about The Joy of Sox we knew it was something we wanted to be a part of,” says Anna Nikolaus, marketing manager, Bridgedale. “We often take socks for granted, but for those who are less fortunate, we understand that socks can make a huge difference in comfort, hygiene and surviving the cold winter weather.”

The April/May 2024 Issue

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