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Bearpaw’s Parent Company to Introduce First Cost Division

Romeo & Juliette, parent company of Bearpaw, is launching a First Cost division in an effort to expand on its services and offer private label options for retailors and first cost for wholesalers. The division is being headed by Aaron Brown, and will extend its offerings to include design, research & development, on site sample rooms, quality control and full scale production—all while increasing speed to market.

“As we mature as a company, we want to utilize and maximize relationships with factories overseas and increase business opportunities year-round,” states Brown, adding, “Our factory partners manufacture lots of great product that may not be a fit for the Bearpaw portfolio but can be very beneficial to retailers and other wholesale brands. Through our new division, we will be able to provide the best services to retailers and wholesalers.”

Brown brings more than 26 years of experience in the footwear industry, encompassing retail, wholesale, e-commerce and manufacturing. Before coming to Romeo & Juliette, he previously worked at Nordstrom, Dr. Martens, Zappos and

The First Cost division will feature a team of footwear industry veterans that possess more than 100 years of successful experience. They will provide guidance from initial design and inspiration to FOB deliveries. With this added division, the company looks to stay on top of the trends to produce phenomenal footwear, increase quality of services and sales, provide timely deliveries and ultimately create customer satisfaction.

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