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Wearable technology reigns: Ditigsole's Smartshoe suite presented at CES.

Wearables remain a hot topic for debate in the fashion industry: Is wearable technology a passing fad for tech geeks, or does it have a place in mainstream fashion? Though Apple has stayed tight-lipped about official sales figures for its Apple Watch, other industry analysts declare some pretty staggering numbers. And despite the skeptics, wearables were front-and-center at this month’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), where Fitbit debuted its new smartwatch, Fitbit Blaze, and Under Armour launched a portfolio of fitness products including its first smart shoe. Another brand to blaze the trail in smart footwear is Digitsole, who presented three Smartshoes at the show.


Digitsole’s Smartshoes truly are intelligent—offering heat, shock absorbance and automatic tightening controlled by a smartphone. The first design, fit for Marty McFly, features an automatic tightening upper (much like Marty’s self-lacing Nikes), a thick rounded sole for shock absorbance, warming technology and tracking features to count steps and calories burned. It also sports a light in front for nighttime runs. The other two designs—a low profile lace-up sneaker and a classic pump—are also equipped with tracking and warming technologies and don’t read as tech. The shoes will be available pre-sale on the brand’s website starting February 1 and will launch in Q3 at specialty retail locations with a recommended retail price starting at $450. “People [at CES] really liked the connected features and futuristic design,” offers Director of Development Tamim El Zein. “We envision young, urban tech- and footwear-enthusiasts as Smartshoe wearers.”

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