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Saucony Eco-friendly Style Set to Fly

Peregrine RFG trail runner loaded with sustainable attributes.

Saucony’s Peregrine RFG (Run For Good) is the latest in a series of sustainable shoes released by the division of Wolverine Worldwide. Specifically designed for daily trails and casual treks, the shoe features responsibly sourced mesh, an Austin Rubber outsole made from a 50 percent blend of recycled tires, and PWRRUN BIO+ cushioning made of 30 percent sugarcane ethanol-based foam.

“The Peregrine RFG (SRP: $140) sets a new level of sustainability for Saucony by taking our award-winning Peregrine and creating a high-performance, all-trail specialist that meets our highest sustainability standards,” says Rob Griffiths, president of Saucony. “It has earned the RFG badge, indicating it has met our brand’s sustainability goals while continuing to deliver on the performance consumers need.”

The Peregrine RFG joins eco-friendly makeovers the Jazz Court RFG, crafted from seven natural materials and no plastic, and the Triumph RFG, the brand’s first performance-rooted sustainable running shoe. It’s all part of Saucony’s goal of 90 percent of all products containing organic, recycled, or renewable materials by 2025. Griffiths says the recent introduction of its RFG Standard serves as a baseline measurement that indicates if a product meets the brand’s sustainability goals while continuing to deliver the performance consumers expect. “A product that meets these rigorous standards earns the prestigious RFG Badge, a testament to its sustainability and performance,” he says. It also informs consumers trying to decipher which products have sustainable design attributes.

Who is the RFG customer? Griffith says both performance and casual wearers are increasingly seeking products made with sustainable materials and climate-friendly business practices. That said, the eco-conscious movement is most obvious in younger generations, with Millennials and Gen Z showing a significant preference for buying such goods. And while Griffiths notes that most running lifestyle consumers will not sacrifice performance for sustainability, those who care about the environment shouldn’t have to make a choice. “The Peregrine RFG is proof that sustainability and performance can work in tandem with the added goal of ensuring that the product remains affordable,” he says. “You shouldn’t be penalized with a higher price for a product that includes sustainable materials or processes.”

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