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Ecco Marks 60th Anniversary in Eco-Friendly Style

Two brand classics receive green upgrades.

They became hits when they debuted decades ago and have remained in Ecco’s line as perennial top-sellers. So how does one make the Soft sneaker and Cozmo sandal even better? How about green upgrades.

To celebrate the Danish brand’s 60th anniversary this year and ongoing commitment to sustainable design, the two classic styles have been reimagined in a special-edition, three-silhouette capsule. The highlight is a new bio-based, LYTR outsole (made of 40 percent castor beans), making them the lightest Soft and Cozmo versions to date, not to mention ones that are longer lasting, feature improved cushioning and shock-absorption, and are easier to clean. In addition, the Soft 60 (SRP: $200-$220) features Ecco’s new DriTan bio nappa leather, which greatly reduces water use during production, are 100 percent metal- and chrome-free, and fully compostable.

“Ecco was sustainable before the consumer even knew what sustainability was,” says Tom Berry, CEO of Ecco US. “Our anniversary package provides a great platform to celebrate this journey.”

Felix Zahn, product director of Ecco US, says the LYTR soles are based on critical foaming/PEBAX technology. “It sounds very technical, but in simpler words it’s an expanding closed-cell foam, which we’re combining with our no break-in Fluidform injection manufacturing process,” he explains. “This combination allows our construction to preserve the natural contours of our foot shaped lasts plus adding all the benefits that comes with the critical foaming.”

Specifically, Zahn cites the reduction in weight and added cushioning as product highlights. “The Soft 60 sneaker is around 60 percent lighter than the original Soft 7,” he says. “In addition, internal tests show an improvement in rebound and shock absorption by 40 percent. These are significant boosts.” Zahn adds, “Improving weight, cushioning, and shock absorption while leaving a better carbon footprint is a fantastic combination, which is very much aligned with our Danish design principle of ‘less is more.’”

Doing right by the planet, Berry says, is just how Ecco rolls. “Because sustainability has long been an important part of Danish culture, this capsule came natural to us,” he says. “We’re showcasing two iconic franchises (SRP for Cozmo 60 is $120-$130) while celebrating the sustainable principles of Danish Modernism and Ecco innovation.” That combination, he notes, includes timeless style, quality, truth in materials, and long-lasting comfort and durability though Ecco’s Fluidform, DriTan, and LYTR innovations. “The combination of these principles and innovations—along with our vertical farm-to-foot production model—presents a powerful and authentic sustainability story that we’re excited to share with consumers during our 60th anniversary,” Berry says. “Our anniversary is both a celebration of where we’ve been and of our journey still to come.”

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