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The March 2012 Issue of Footwear Plus


2011 Plus Awards Winners

Innovative design and a commitment to superior service are synonymous qualities of this year’s Plus Award winners for excellence in design and retail.

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March 2012

Happy Days

Luke Chen, COO of Alegria, discusses how the comfort brand’s happy premise is delivering smiles and sales to its expanding base of retailers and creating millions of loyal, elated consumers along the way. By Greg Dutter

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Editor's Note

Primary Colors

Our country’s primary colors are red, white and blue. Our two major political parties’ primary colors are red (Republicans) and blue (Democrats) and, for too long, there’s been zero mixing of the two. The primary colors of our industry, year in and year out, are black and brown. However, some primary colors for Fall ’12 look to be jewel tones, such as burgundy, saffron and emerald. The primary color of presidential hopeful Mitt Romney is—well, if milquetoast is a color, then I’d vote for that. The primary color of Newt Gingrich is muddy.

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The July 2024 Issue

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