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The June 2012 Issue of Footwear Plus

June 2012

Trade Show Guide

Chock-full of must-see reasons to attend, the August round of trade shows offers a comprehensive industry overview of the latest Spring ’13 trends from established players and the latest crop of up-and-comers.

By Mary Avant and Lyndsay McGregor

FN Platform: Bigger and Better

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Pop Star

Seeking shoes with personality and pop, Tracy Margolies, vice president DMM of women’s footwear for Saks Fifth Avenue, reveals how gut feelings play an important role in determining which styles make the cut inside one of the nation’s leading arbiters of footwear fashion. By Greg Dutter

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June 2012

Follow the Leader

Bob Mullaney, president of U.S. sales and operations for The Rockport Company, discusses how the brand is regaining its premium leadership position in the comfort space and how the best is yet to come.

By Greg Dutter

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Editor's Note

Boys in the Hoodies

It’s accurate to say that Florida teen Trayvon Martin and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg couldn’t be more opposite: One is dead following highly controversial and racially tinged circumstances; the other is alive and extremely healthy, particularly from a financial standpoint, thanks to the recent IPO of his popular social networking site. The move turned the billionaire into a multi-billionaire so many times over that contemplating his wealth is like trying to comprehend the vastness of space.

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The July 2024 Issue

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