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A Note to My Younger Self

Fit to Sprint

From sprinter to software engineer to stand-up comedian, Xero Shoes Cofounder Steven Sashen’s resume runs here, there and everywhere.

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True Values

Susana Ramlie, president of Blackstone Shoes USA, reflects on the people, processes and pretty shoes that have paved the road to success.

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Hussle & Motivate

Rommel Vega, founder and CEO of Holo Footwear, reflects on a career journey of one-way tickets, roadblocks, side hustles, breakthroughs and entrepreneurial success.

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It Takes Two

Joe Pickett, co-owner Casitas Footwear, distributors of Wonders, Toni Pons and Onfoot, reflects on a life of great partnerships.

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The June 2023 Issue

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