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Feiyue delivers an authentic collection of sneakers and casual styles

Feiyue delivers an authentic collection of sneakers and casual styles

Olivier Bocquet, marketing manager for Feiyue, says the French brand, known for its vintage charm, has received “very positive” feedback about its Fall ’12 collection, which expands on its well-known Lo and Street lines, as well as incorporates more feminine designs into the primarily unisex offerings. “As we have detected that women are becoming more and more interested in sneakers and casual shoes, we have started creating some exclusive models for them,” he says. The brand offers a variety of children’s kicks, too.

Bocquet describes the design aesthetic for the six-year-old brand as “classic shapes with a modern twist,” with materials ranging from canvas, suede and leather to denim, nylon and wool. Designs vary from its original vintage sneaker, the Feiyue Lo, to its retro-inspired A.S. Series, which Bocquet says is perfect for a younger guy who wants “colorful branded shoes that are not too expensive, in order to be able to buy several pairs.” For customers who are looking for a more classic sneaker, the Feiyue Lo Plain series is a perfect mix of casual materials with simple designs and neutral colors. Prices range from $59 to $200 for the collection, but Bocquet notes that most styles are under $100.

Feiyue is hoping to reinforce its presence in secondary markets like the United States and European countries, such as Germany, in the upcoming months. “We usually partner with premium multi-brand stores that are aligned with the Feiyue image,” Bocquet says of getting its name out there. Teaming up with fashion houses such as Celine and Agnes B. and high-tech companies like Casio also helps to increase brand awareness and recognition.

Feiyue, whose flagship store is in Paris (also where the brand’s headquarters reside), plans on expanding from shoes and T-shirts to include accessories such as bags and sunglasses next year.

“The philosophy of the brand is to explore new territories and create new products that are in harmony with its values, with a strong commitment to being accessible to all,” Bocquet says.

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