September 2013

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  • Trend Spotting: September 2013: A look at trends - September 2013
  • High Times: High-waisted shorts put a fashionable spin on mom jeans. Photography by Melodie Jeng
  • 98 Degrees In The Shade: Sand, Surf & City Collide with Versatile Styles that Pack a Punch of Bold, Hot Color & Summertime Fun.
  • High Horse: Mules giddy up with natural materials and chunky heels.
  • Big Bang Theory: No stranger to big, category-creating footwear innovations, Mark Thatcher, founder of Sazzi, believes his unique four toe post design platform will set the shoe world on fire just like his Teva sport sandal launch did 30 years ago. By Greg Dutter
  • The Nuevo New World: At more than $1 trillion annually, the buying power of Hispanics presents enormous opportunity. Here’s how to go about tapping it. By Lyndsay McGregor
  • Surf and Turf: Defined by a laidback and carefree vibe—and less so by silhouette—surf-inspired footwear is experiencing a wave of popularity spanning seafaring to landlocked consumers. By Angela Velasquez
  • Endless Jersey: In honor of our surf-themed issue, an ode to my Jersey Shore roots.

August 2013

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  • This Just In: August 2013: Guys bring their A game with stylish accessories. Photography by Melodie Jeng
  • Trend Spotting: August 2013: A look at trends - August 2013
  • Now You See Me: Sneakers can’t hide from the legion of camouflage prints for Spring ’14.
  • Mod Mod World: A quintessential '60s Mod Vibe swings into Fashion. Photography by Jamie Isaia, Styling by Kim Johnson. Fashion editor: Angela Velasquez; hair: Adrian Clark, The Wall Group; makeup: Deanna Melluso, The Magnet Agency; models: Liv and Kristy, IMG.
  • The Sweet Spot: Jon Caplan, CEO of Genesco Branded Group, makers of Johnston & Murphy and Trask, discusses how the portfolio is sitting pretty amid a burgeoning dress footwear revival and an Americana fashion renaissance. By Greg Dutter
  • Five Steps to Success: Industry experts offer tips on how to boost business as the summer season cools off. By Lyndsay McGregor
  • Sole Brothers: Although born into the business, the Astobiza brothers are carving their own legacy with Sole Desire - now more than 20 years old and consisting of 12 outlets sprinkled throughout California wine country. By Brittany Leitner
  • Story Time: Our job is to report on the ever-changing and exciting business of making and selling shoes. For nearly a quarter of a century, Footwear Plus has showcased the latest styles, brands and trends (beautifully, I might add). We’ve reported on new retail strategies, formats and consumer shopping habits. We’ve updated you on breakthrough innovations in comfort, performance and design; emerging categories; and macro economic and fashion trends as well as their trickle-down effects on the shoe business.

July 2013

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  • Out of This World: By Miriam Driot Like many successful tech startups, Philippe Meynard launched online retailer Planet Shoes in his garage. It has since evolved into a major player in the digital tier and expects to make the leap into brick-and-mortar in 2014.
  • Business Briefs: Casual Fridays are becoming très chic with shorts suits. By Melodie Jeng
  • Man Power: Classic constructions take today's craftsman from work to play with ease. Photography by Trevett McCandliss, Styling by Lyndsay McGregor.
  • Tropical Punch: The treasures and Textures of Exotic Locales Inspire a Lush and Playful Season of Sneakers
  • Good Timing: Steve Libonati, president of Ralph Libonati Footwear and distributors of El Naturalista, Blundstone and Vivobarefoot, on why the portfolio is positioned for significant growth in the coming seasons.
  • What is Kinky?: Recently I got a phone call while in the bowels of the Times Square subway station about this month’s fashion shoot while it was in progress. My creative director wanted to know whether it would be okay to use a men’s shoe on the female model. Having just seen the Broadway smash Kinky Boots a few days before, I immediately thought about the musical’s storyline. There doesn’t seem to be anything taboo in men wearing women’s knee-high red leather stiletto boots these days, if the strong ticket sales and the Tony Award for Best Musical are any indications.
  • Cloud Chasing: Forget clunky cash registers. The future of retail is written in the cloud. By Lyndsay McGregor

June 2013

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  • Metal: Intense metallic finishes amp up the season’s dress silhouettes to megawatt star status. Photography by Jamie Isaia
  • The Art of Packing: Travel-friendly footwear takes the weight off one’s shoulders—literally—and presents an attractive add-on opportunity for retailers. By Lyndsay McGregor
  • Show and Sell: Online shopping isn’t going away, but does that mean stores as we know them might?
  • California Dreamin’: If it seems like designers are taking a laidback approach to creating their Spring ’14 collections, they are. From warm hues to natural materials, the season looks to be awash in the West Coast’s finest relaxed attributes. By Angela Velasquez
  • Running Man: Having just completed a brand makeover and introduced an eponymous label, Adam Tucker, president of Me Too Footwear, shows no signs of slowing the pace as the company races to the next level. By Greg Dutter
  • Golden Touch: Editors Picks - June 2013
  • Emerald City: The 2013 Pantone “Color of the Year” is set to renew, revive and refresh fall styles ...
  • High Line: Flowing high-low hems frame this season’s crop of ankle boots. By Melodie Jeng

April/May 2013

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  • Trendspotting April/May 2013: Trends - April 2013
  • Walk This Way: Petite Parade, kids’ fashion week in New York, showcases the latest footwear trends. By Melodie Jeng
  • Kicks Stand: Fine leathers sharpen men’s casual sneakers.
  • Fashionistas: Photography by Michael Brian
  • Kicks Down Memory Lane: I remember those must-have shoes of my youth like I wore them yesterday.
  • Top 10 Kids’ Retailing Tips: Industry experts give pointers on how to make 2013 a great year and potentially create customers for life. By Maria Bouselli
  • Age Appropriate: From lovable animals to classics like the Mary Jane, brands look to revamp and expand their high-quality offerings for Fall ’13. Yosi Samra: Elements of Ease
  • On A Roll: On the heels of adding Heelys to the BBC Int’l. portfolio, Tracey McLeod, president of worldwide sales and marketing, discusses the conglomerate’s global brand strategy in kids’. By Greg Dutter

March 2013

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  • Modern Man: Color and prints add a jolt of personality to men's footwear.
  • What a Tassel: Kilties and tassels add a gentlemanly flair to loafers.
  • Wedge of Glory: Designers take a no-fuss, rugged approach to the fall staple.
  • Ooh, La La: Bundling up never looked so chic at Paris Haute Couture week.
  • Red Alert: The deep hue makes an impact on military silhouettes.
  • 2012 Plus Awards Winners: Recognizing Excellence in Design and Retail for 2012
  • New Horizons: Entrenched in the hunting, work and military markets, David Sharp, CEO of Rocky Brands, discusses the company’s ventures into emerging new categories and the significant growth opportunities they now present. by Greg Dutter
  • Girl Power: Grittier and grimier (Brooklyn as opposed to Manhattan),the HBO hit series Girls is putting its stamp on the latest fashions. By Angela Velasquez
  • It Takes All Kinds: Marking 20 years writing for Footwear Plus with this very issue, I’ve enjoyed getting to know you all and spreading the good word.

February 2013

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  • Stud Finder: A look at trends - February 2013
  • Heaven on Earth: Classic smoking slippers are an inspiring canvas for fashion's creative awakening. Photography by Jamie Isaia.
  • Mixology Class: A mixed media lesson in fine textures, treatments and baubles.
  • Italian Dressing: Men’s fashion week in Milan and Florence had fellas sporting their A game. By Melodie Jeng
  • Puttin’ on the Ritz: Department stores reignite an intense rivalry with explosive, over-the-top footwear emporiums in their New York flagships. By Lyndsay McGregor
  • The Acquiring Kind: Having recently closed the books on its most profitable year ever, Greg Tunney, CEO of RG Barry, makers of Dearfoams, Baggallini and Foot Petals, says the company is primed for more acquisitions—and plenty more growth in the years ahead. By Greg Dutter
  • Red, White & New: Take heed, the Millennials have a set of values and behavioral traits like no prior generation. By Angela Velasquez
  • Creep Show: Technology’s increasing reach into our personal lives might be crossing the line in some cases, but is it a necessary evil?

January 2013

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  • From Haiti to My Hometown: A lifetime of giving comes full circle.
  • They’ll Never Grow Old: Living in a small New York City apartment with my wife and 10-year-old daughter—the latter of whom has a desperate desire to hang onto every little scrap and scribble stretching back to nursery school—makes one come to terms with the finite reality of space. Before executives from Hoarders ask to feature our apartment in an upcoming episode, we have to jettison items that no longer serve a useful purpose.
  • American Beauty: A look at trends, January 2013
  • Gold Rush: A Midas touch illuminates classic black dress styles.
  • Scandi Style: Scandinavians sport a clean layered look grounded by boots.
  • Trendspotting: January 2013: Classic and simple boot sillhouettes are enriched with old-world tapestries, ornate craftsmanship and muted jewel tones for Fall. Photography by Glynis Selina Arban. Styling by Robyn Victoria
  • It’s Show Time!: From Las Vegas and Miami to New York, Europe and places in between, the fall trade show calendar features a full slate of formats, exhibitors, events and excursions. Here’s your cheat sheet to what to look for as you make your travel plans.
  • Theory of Evolution: Outdoor footwear for Fall 2013 is adapting to new consumer and environmental demands. By Judy Leand
  • Shooting for the Moon: Tom Berry, executive vice president of the Tecnica Group, makers of Tecnica, Moon Boot and Dolomite, discusses how the portfolio is becoming a worldwide player—one calculated step at a time. By Greg Dutter

December 2012

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  • Cap Toss: Trends - December 2012
  • Training Heels: Wedge sneakers combine comfort with old-school cool.
  • In the Clutch: Small yet bold, mini purses with unique shapes and intense metalllics steal the limelight.
  • Hot Tropics: Dress trends for spring take a trip into the jungle where tropical prints flourish and intense colors thrive.
  • Style Hall of Fame 2012 Inductees: Keds “Champion” & Tod’s “Gommino”
  • What’s the Big Idea?: Some say eclectic is the new black, while others argue that it’s the result of a shotgun approach in the hopes something catches on and becomes the next big thing. By Angela Velasquez
  • Let’s Talk Turkey: Martin Berendsen, CEO of Fast Forward Footwear, distributors of Inuovo, reveals why buyers are gobbling up the colorful Turkish fashion brand and that it’s only the appetizer. By Greg Dutter
  • Reading the Tea Leaves: The search for the next big thing never ceases but, often, clues are in plain sight.

October/November 2012

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  • Rock the Boat: Meet the newest fleet of colorful deck shoes.
  • Fancy Pants: Print lives on in the form of denim and pajama-style bottoms. By Melodie Jeng
  • Molten Rocks: Designers amp up the voltage with psychedelic finishes and liquid-like metallics
  • Band of Gypsies: Shot on location at the Scully Estate.
  • How to Combat Showrooming: Tips on overcoming the latest challenge facing brick-and-mortar retailers.
  • Not Fade Away: An industry career spanning four decades, Michael Muskat, president of Deer Stags and makers of NoSox, knows a hit when he sees one - and how to run with it when opportunity knocks.
  • Wrecking Ball: A good time for change.
  • Sign of Better Times: The recently expanded Harry's Shoes on Manhattan's Upper West Side meets the needs and wants of a neighborhood's changing demographic. By Greg Dutter