September 2014

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  • American Summer: Frayed and faded summer staples harken back to a simpler time.
  • Roman Holiday: From strappy and simple to knee-high, gladiator sandals are the clear victor in this season’s street style arena.
  • On Point: Look sharp in pointy toe flats.
  • The European Report: Spring ‘15: New dates and a new concept, a revamped GDS show whets retailers’ appetites with a smorgasbord of spring trends.
  • Hawaiian Topics: The entrepreneurial tale of John Carpenter, owner of Island Slipper, includes hits, misses, epiphanies and, through it all, an unwavering commitment to family and the sandal company’s deep Hawaiian roots.
  • Labor of Love: Here’s the story of how Dee Reid left a successful pharmaceutical sales career to jump head first into shoe retailing with the opening of Heels & Hobos in Corning, NY, and—a little over a year later—couldn’t be any happier with her life-altering decision.
  • Wood Shop: Chunky wood platforms take sandals to ’70s-inspired heights.
  • It Could Be Worse: There are problems and then there are real problems.

August 2014

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  • Trendspotting: August 2014: Snakeskin unleashes this season’s wild side.
  • English Beat: Like the cultural and fashion epicenter it is, London pulsates with a range of street style statements.
  • Outdoor Preview: Spring 2015: As the outdoor industry embraces non-traditional activities and more diverse consumer groups, brands are ushering in dynamic and versatile styles to meet the evolving demand.
  • Back In The Running: Jim Van Dine, president of Hoka One One, discusses why the “oversized” running brand is not the next flash in the pan—it’s just getting started.
  • Sister Act: Footwear repair and retail whizzes Jessica Roth and Stephanee Oberhauser are part of a four-generation family tradition at Palo Alto’s The Cobblery.
  • Mules Rule: Slip into spring's most stubborn style.
  • Reading Between the Lines: The latest installment in our ongoing industry narrative shows there are plenty of terrific stories unfolding.

July 2014

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  • Work History: Fish Monger Danner 6-inch moc Pastry Chefs Carhartt 6-inch pull-on boots, vintage clothing ...
  • Taking ’Stock: Clarks Designers get really comfortable with footbed sandals for Spring ’15. El Naturalista ...
  • Festival Fashion: tji-5 Mirroring the diversity of the performers, fans rocked an eclectic array of shoe styles at New ...
  • The New Retail: Solestruck’s innovative “medical clinic for the shoe addicted” rethinks retail with its new oFFline showroom approach to sales.
  • Show and Tell: The summer tradeshow slate offers a variety of locales, formats and add-ons.
  • Old Skool Meets New School: Kevin Bailey, president of Vans, refuses to let the classic brand rest on its recent laurels—starting with 18 straight quarters of double-digit sales growth—by embracing change and continually adapting and evolving.
  • Evolutionary Times: Tectonic retail shifts once measured in years are contracting down to blinks of an eye. It’s a zero sum game: Keep pace and evolve or become extinct.

June 2014

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  • Rad Attitude: Tricked out skate-inspired slip-ons roll out for fashionistas.
  • Riding High: Lush materials take the classic riding boot up a notch.
  • ‘Stock Market: New Yorkers have been bullish about sporting the Birkenstock look this spring.
  • Trendspotting: June 2014: Back in Black and Dapper Dreams
  • Bloggers for Dollars: Brands are collaborating with fashion bloggers to drive consumer engagement, boost awareness and increase revenue.
  • Speak Easy: Keith Gossett, president of Easy Street Shoe Company, discusses why its formula of moderately priced comfort styles aimed primarily at middle-aged women may not sound all that sexy, but it sure rings the register.
  • Chatanooga Shoe Shoe: Embellish, a Chattanooga boutique, has made its mark with a spot-on selection and top-notch customer service.
  • The Age of Agoraphobia?: Might brick-and-mortar shoe stores become extinct if consumers increasingly shop from home?

April/May 2014

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  • South by Southwest: Legendary cowboy style lives on in the modern day must-haves.
  • Team Bombshell: Old-school bomber jackets add a sporty layer to chic ensembles.
  • Opposites Attract: Black and white contrasting pairs well with quirky street styles.
  • My Little Pony: Iconic Western Styles are Kicked Up a Notch by a Corral of Fun and Flirty Embellishments.
  • Defining Western: How the West is Worn: Spanning traditional to twerked out, the latest interpretations of western style for Fall ’14 reveal a breadth of selection as vast as its consumer audience.
  • Full Gallop: On a six-year run of double-digit growth in sales and revenue, Randy Watson, chairman and CEO of Justin Brands, discusses the factors fueling the success and why the best is yet to come.
  • The New Normal: By disregarding fashion, Normcore creates a sartorial statement that bland is the new black.
  • Revisiting the Classics: As fashion continues to look back in the face of financial risks associated with introducing new concepts, the ’90s are here again.

March 2014

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  • 2013 Plus Awards Winners: Recognizing Excellence in Design and Retail for 2013
  • What’s Moore: Joe Moore, president and CEO of FFANY, reflects on a career chock-full of industry firsts and colorful tales, spanning more than 50 years in retail, wholesale and tradeshow management.
  • A Refreshing Approach: Bob Infantino—president of Drydock Footwear, makers of Cobb Hill, Aravon and Dunham—on why the partnership with New Balance is off to an impressive start.
  • Trendspotting: March 2014: Gender Blender, Mane Event, Cutting Shears
  • Drama Queens: Street style stars put on a show in Paris with voluminous shapes and accessories worthy of a standing ovation.
  • Smooth Merlot: Designers tempt tastes with the wine-colored hue.
  • Girls Will Be Boys: The tailored styles that drive men’s fashion cut a striking look for women this fall. Photography by Jamie Isaia
  • Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Shoes: We hold these truths to be self-evident... Well, at least I do after 20 years.

February 2014

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  • Trendspotting: February 2014: A look at Trends for February 2014
  • Check, Please: From New York to Milan, the preppy classic gets a global stamp of approval.
  • Short Cuts: Side cut-out details show a little skin.
  • Whisper: Calf hair is reimagined with wild prints and modern silhouettes.
  • Late Boomers: The buying power of aging Americans presents enormous opportunity. Here’s how to go about attracting that Baby Boomer buck.
  • The Right Stuff: Consolidated Shoe Company has a 116-year track record of success. Marc Fanning, COO, discusses how the full-service operation builds partnerships that are made to last.
  • Turn of the Century: Marking its 100th anniversary, Johnson’s Shoes looks back on generations of family dedication that has enabled the California-based comfort chain to survive and thrive, overcoming numerous challenges along the way.
  • Happy Hunger Games: Welcome, welcome…to our semi-annual seasonal preview issue, where the style wars commence once again.

January 2014

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  • Trendspotting: January 2014: A look at trend - January 2014
  • Knit Wit: Cozy Sweater-Like Materials Blanket Fall ’14 Boots
  • Miami Heat: Voluminous silhouettes and slinky stilettos justify the hot spot’s glam reputation.
  • Zip It: Zipper accents expose an edgier side of classic booties.
  • What’s up, Doc?: Record profits, celebrity buzz and new ownership— Bob Bradford, senior vice president of sales for Dr. Martens USA, on why the iconic brand is rocking again.
  • Hot On The Trail: Outdoor footwear gets more versatile, stylish and youth-driven for Fall ’14.
  • Digital Daze: Is too much of everything too much to shop?
  • Travel Happy: Zappos put a positive spin on a stressful day with giveaways at baggage claim.

December 2013

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  • Rebel Rebel: An excess of amped up elements revolutionize grunge style.
  • Inner Grace: Fashion royalty revive a princess-approved skirt length.
  • Military Dress: Enlisting subtle details for a gritty take on men’s dress styles for spring.
  • 2013 Style Hall of Fame: Please welcome our two newest HOF additions...
  • Rising ’Stocks: Thanks to a revolutionary change in corporate direction, David Kahan, CEO of Birkenstock USA, is leading the charge stateside to fulfill the legendary comfort brand’s enormous potential.
  • Have It Your Way: Whether retailers are involved in the exchange or not, the made-to-order shoe segment is gaining momentum—one custom pair at a time.
  • By the Numbers: They say numbers don’t lie. Well, some do, some don’t and some just make you wonder.

October/November 2013

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  • Modern Art: Modern Art - Cutout details expose a new wave of creativity
  • Enlist in Style: Camouflage prints are out in force in the City of Light. Photography by Melodie Jeng
  • Color Run: A lively spring palette kicks men’s sneakers out of neutral. From top left: Ecco, Ccilu, Sperry Top-Sider, Pajar, Ferracini 24th, Think!, Born, Alegria, Rockport, Keen.
  • Go West: Western silos and details add an Americana kick to summer festival boots.
  • In The Details: Glen Barad, president of Taos, on how paying heed to all the little aspects are adding up into a rapidly growing success story. by Greg Dutter
  • Red Alert: In wake of the Nairobi terrorist attack, U.S. malls and retailers are stepping up security. Here are some strategies on how to help prevent an attack or react in the event of one. By Lyndsay McGregor
  • Dream Big: Industry icon Michel Meynard, founder of Meynard Designs and Earth Inc., leaves behind a career legacy full of firsts in the fields of design, sourcing and branding. By Greg Dutter
  • The Great Wide Open: In a fashion landscape straying from a dominant silhouette, opportunity and uncertainty abounds as to what might fill the void.