July 2017

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  • Meet Gen Z: Spendthrift, entrepreneurial and smartphone-obsessed, here’s how to best reach this throwback generation.
  • Think Pink: Designers look through rose-colored glasses this Spring.
  • Kicks in the City: As temperatures rise, New Yorkers take to the streets in dresses, separates and sneakers.
  • And So It Goes: The tectonic shifts rumbling through the retail landscape in the past year were earthshaking enough, but these past few weeks ...
  • Well Suited: Manhattan’s dapper dudes choose sneakers to pair with suits and slacks.
  • Balancing Act: More than a year after being named president of Dansko, Jim Fox details the delicate balance needed to succeed in today’s topsy-turvy retail landscape.

June 2017

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  • Chills & Thrills: Spanning the extremes of peak performance to casual bliss, leading outdoor brands offer a broad range of styles for Spring ’18.
  • The New Black: The classic hue takes its turn in the spotlight for spring.
  • Looking for Good: Well, the latest quarterly sales reports came in and—surprise—department stores took another drubbing. The figures were “WannaCry”-like with comparable store ...
  • Family Matters: Kevin Bosco, president of Bos. & Co.—distributors of Fly London and makers of Softinos and a namesake brand—on building a wholesale business the old-fashioned way: through great products and loyal relationships.
  • Giving Thanks: Gary Hauss, the self-proclaimed Godfather of Shoes and owner of the J.Stephens chain, recognizes the importance of tenacity, loyalty and, most of all, family.
  • Queen Bee: Elizabeth Todd, owner of The Shoe Hive, generates a steady buzz thanks to her sharp eye for spotting the latest trends that keep a swarm of customers returning time and again.
  • The Gucci Effect: Creative Director Alessandro Michele’s kaleidoscopic vision has taken footwear fashion by storm, spawning a wave of imitators and redefining luxury styling.
  • Need A Lift: Towering flatforms give New Yorkers a fashionable boost for spring.
  • Wild Things: Fantastical furs, exotic skins and haute hides breathe life into couture collections.

April/May 2017

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  • Life’s Lessons: Greg Tunney, CEO of RG Barry, looks back on a career filled with self-discovery, satisfaction, surfing, skiing and success.
  • Pin-Up Girl: High-Cut flats for fall offer added coverage and striking geometry.
  • The Kingdom and the Power: If you took an informal poll of industry members right now, the overall sentiment would probably skew heavily negative. I’ve ...
  • Home Run Derby: A powerful lineup of projected best-selling comfort styles look to have retailers swinging for the fences this fall.
  • Fresh Perspective: Glen Barad, president of Taos Footwear, on how the brand’s number-one goal—to generate repeat customers—serves as the basis for its every move.
  • Get With the (Loyalty) Program: Why investing or reinvesting in a loyalty program might be the most profitable move retailers can make right now.
  • Flight Club: Retro bomber jackets are in tight formation with a broad range of shoe silhouettes.

March 2017

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  • Another Brick in the Wall: To say things have been a bit strange lately would be an understatement of yuuuuge proportions. Society has reached a ...
  • Smart Moves: A growing number of user-friendly smart shoes is proving that the wearable technology movement stretches from head to toe.
  • The Professor: Profiles in Excellence: Lifetime Achievement - Robert Goldberg, president of Harry’s Shoes.
  • 2016 Plus Awards Winners: Recognizing excellence in design and retail for 2016.
  • In the Loop: Athletic-inspired knit uppers refined for casual office attire.
  • Street Survivors: Trendsetting dudes sport cutting-edge kicks to traverse Gotham’s concrete jungle.
  • The New Cool: Snazzy slip-ons and smoking slippers hit the right style notes.

February 2017

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  • The Dawn of a New Retail Age: Much continues to be written about the demise of brick-and-mortar retailing, department stores in particular. If you took many of ...
  • Returning Champion: Marking his first year back, Clarks Americas President Gary Champion reports on righting the ship and steaming toward bigger and better results.
  • Local Heroes: For six decades, Towson Bootery has focused on expert service, fit and family.
  • Stepping In It: A recent spate of social media–driven fallout has forced a handful of brands to atone for missteps—even if they deny the accusations or affiliations.
  • Cozy Corner: Plush furry slipper-esque sandals bring sleep fashion to the street.
  • Trendspotting: February 2017: The Fall ’17 preview: leading silhouettes, materials and colors.
  • Color Story: Designers go deep on indigo for fall, a lush and versatile hue that pairs well with anything—just like a good pair of blue jeans.

January 2017

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  • It’s All Good: The fifth-annual Two Ten Foundation Footwear Cares event reached record levels of volunteerism and now shifts to a yearlong initiative.
  • Old-School Remedies: Recently, a well-established independent retailer called me nearly at his wit’s end. He said the first few weeks of the ...
  • The New Classics: What’s old is new again, as brands reintroduce traditional favorites with fined-tuned aesthetics and upgraded comfort.
  • Tried and True: Outdoor brands go back to their roots: Heritage and authenticity are key product cues that appeal to younger and older consumers alike.
  • Home Field Advantage: With a proven track record, Scott Home, president of Fashion Major Brands (distributor of Coolway, Musse & Cloud and Freestyle by Coolway) is building the business the old-fashioned way: great products, partnerships and passion.
  • These Boots are Made for Walking: Small to tall, New Yorkers take it to the streets in the season’s staple silhouette.
  • Cover Story: Over-the-knee boots kick style up a notch.
  • Good Company: Paired with relaxed apparel, brogue boots kick it up a notch.
  • Indie Queen: Crushed velvets, posh prints, and baroque embroideries add wrapped-heel appeal to classic ankle boots.
  • Trendspotting: January 2017: Our Fall '17 preview: The latest materials, colors, patterns and silhouettes.

December 2016

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  • Smart Money: Dedicated to doing the right thing, the Two Ten Footwear Foundation Scholarship Program provides financial as well as intellectual assistance to industry members and their families seeking higher education.
  • Heel Thyself: Statement shapes and intricate details build style from the ground up.
  • To Be in Tbilisi: East meets West in Georgia’s capital city crossroads, where sporty, punk and chic looks prove style barriers are wide open.
  • Weather or Not: Low-profile rain shoes for those days when Mother Nature just can’t make up her mind.
  • American Dream: Joe Ouaknine, CEO of Titan Industries, reflects on a fast-paced career and the wonderful people and amazing places he has encountered along the way.
  • Star Power: They don’t call it the Superstar for nothing: The iconic Adidas trainer continually cycles back into fashion, finding prominence among ’70s-era NBA players, ’80s b-boys, ’90s skaters and, most recently, A-list fashionistas.
  • The Sundowner Also Rises: Over the past three decades, Vasque’s Sundowner boot has achieved legendary status among avid hikers and weekend warriors alike for its timeless styling, unfailing durability and reliable versatility.
  • Change Agent: Philippe Meynard, CEO and president of Earth Shoes, is ushering in a slew of changes in an effort to adapt the company amid a retail shakeout for the ages.
  • Heave-ho the Status Quo: Unprecedented. Befuddling. Terrifying. Stunning. Disruptive. Ugly. Revolutionary. Deplorable. Unpredictable. Bat crap crazy… No, I’m not rehashing reactions to the presidential election. ...

October/November 2016

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  • Who’s the Boss, Anyway?: For the future of shoe fashion and foot health, our industry must show who’s the boss here. We owe it to consumers to save them from themselves.
  • Back to the Future: Bob Mullaney, president and COO of ShoeBuy, on a fortuitous life and career aided greatly by the ability to stretch and embrace change.
  • Family Ties: Todd Wolff, president of Wolff Shoe Company, makers of Sesto Meucci, Vaneli and Eric Javits brands, on leading the fourth-generation, family-owned company during a paradigm shift in retail.
  • More Than a Feeling: Brands increasingly blend the best of both worlds to produce versatile, all-day wear that looks and feels great.
  • Totally Emoji: Embroidered, bedazzled or patched, fashion’s new icons sport major text appeal.
  • The X Factor: Cross-strap sandals fuse style with stability.
  • Bow Hunting: The search is over: sweet sandals topped with trendy ties.
  • Model Citizens: By popular demand: lightweight, versatile and snazzy boots for spring.

September 2016

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  • Lush: Rich Colors, Tropical Patterns and Global Textures Borrow Inspiration from Sultry Climates for Spring.
  • Anything Goes: The Euro trend report: Spring ’17
  • The Amazon Age: It is the ultimate elephant in the room. Not a single industry-related conversation of late goes by without its name ...
  • Taking Stock: David Kahan, CEO of Birkenstock Americas, on the brand-wide plan to do the right thing—even if it means pulling the cork on the world’s fastest growing retailer.
  • The Age of Disruption: Amid turbulent and unpredictable times, designers pull inspiration from near and far for Spring ’17.
  • Trend Spotting: September 2016: Slides offer stylish ease, while Mules reveal that backless is better.
  • Pink Prancers: Structured ballet flats in sweet shades of pink.
  • Summer in the City: What’s black, white and nude all over? Ladies of Manhattan in strappy sandals and neutral looks that brave the heat.

August 2016

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  • Game of Thrones: Clinton or Trump? Regardless of who the next leader of the free world may be, each will affect sourcing, sales and style in their own unique ways.
  • Great Danes: Ecco marks its silver anniversary in the States, a legacy built on design innovation, premium quality and supreme comfort.
  • Father Knew Best: Looking back three decades, Rick Muskat, executive vice president and principal of Deer Stags Concepts and FDRA chairman, reflects on the fatherly advice that has served as the backbone to the third-generation family business.
  • Trend Spotting: Spring 2017: A roundup of the leading silos, colors and materials of the season.
  • Sis-Boom-Bah!: Decorative pom poms add a cheery kick to flats.
  • Natty Boys: The new European street style is decidedly untailored with a dose of true grit (no shirt required).
  • Muling It Over: European trend watch: As temperatures rise, A-list ladies are going backless in mules that don’t skimp on style.
  • Cool Summer: Fresh takes on camouflage stand out in any environment.
  • Faded Glory: The fabric of America, denim stretches across a range of silhouettes for Spring.
  • Fighting the Good Fight: Here’s to us all continuing to fight the good fight...