March 2018

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  • 2017 Plus Award Winners: Recognizing excellence in design and retail for 2017.
  • The Art of the Rebuild: The rebuild strategy worked for the World Champion Houston Astros. Granted, it took six straight losing seasons—including three consecutive years ...
  • Spreading The Word: Extra Butter’s Bernie Gross on the boutique’s ode to gritty old New York and what’s next.
  • What About Bob!: Over the course of 60-plus-years, Bob Campbell, CEO of BBC International, has pretty much seen and done it all, paving the way, leading by example and giving back as much as he has been given.
  • Trend Spotting: March 2018: Luxe for Life The cozy appeal of shearling never gets tired. Clockwise, from top: New Balance, Timberland, Sorel, ...
  • Big Apple Boot Call: Intrepid New Yorkers elevate their street fashion game in a range of boots built to battle the elements.
  • Funky Chunky Bunch: Apparently, father does know best: Chunky/ugly sneakers take Europe by storm.
  • Down & Derby: Chunky sneakers got nothin’ on the original dad shoe silhouette. Sleek, subtle and snazzy, the derby is the anti-sneaker statement for fall ’18.

February 2018

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  • Heeling Powers: Bold, Bedazzled and Bejeweled Heels add a Much-Needed Lift to Fall Collections.
  • A Woman’s Point of View…: About shopping in today’s ruptured retail landscape.
  • First Lady: With a resume like few others, Connie Rishwain, president of Vionic Group, is positioning yet another brand for a major liftoff.
  • Trendspotting: February 2018: Photography by Trevett McCandliss Spot On Wild cat prints turn everyday styles into sexy beasts. 1. Spring ...
  • The New Cozy: Felt uppers and shearling linings aren’t just for slippers anymore.
  • Leaps of Faith: Terry Abeles, owner of T Abeles & Company in Ridgeland, MS,on why quitting is not an option—ever.
  • Odd Ones: In or Out?: In the age of sartorial decadence, does the mismatch shoe trend have a leg to stand on?
  • The Perfect Solution: True to his company’s name, Ray Margiano offers Foot Solutions for customers in need by expanding his pedorthics-meets-fashion concept one franchise at a time.

January 2018

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  • You Gotta Have Fate: Having reported on this industry for close to 25 years, the routes successful companies take to reach the promised lands ...
  • Twists of Fate: Running full gallop on growth, Prasad Reddy, president and CEO of Twisted X, reveals how the brand is making extensive inroads into the Western and casual lifestyle markets.
  • Hustle and Flow: John McPheters, cofounder and CEO of Stadium Goods, a New York sneaker consignment boutique, delivers the Dos and Don’ts that led to his dream job.
  • Present Perfect: Outdoor Retailer Preview
  • The Art of the Heel: The annual Art Basel Miami Beach provided the ideal backdrop for statement shoes.
  • Sole Searching: Sneaker boots, the latest haute hybrid, answers the call for battling the elements, traversing varied terrain and meeting day-to-night fashion demands.
  • Chelsea Market: Dressed up or down, The classic silhouette is a guys’ closet staple.
  • Trendspotting: January 2018: Going Gray The classic fall neutral never gets old. 1. Vionic 2. Butter 3. Minnetonka 4. ...

December 2017

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  • Golden Rules: From America to Ireland and back again, Neal Newman, president of the Two Ten Footwear Foundation, counts the valuable life lessons and power of philanthropy learned along the way.
  • Earth Mover: On the heels of 40 percent gains this year, Philippe Meynard, CEO of Earth, says the company is at a tipping point for accelerated growth despite strong industry headwinds.
  • Stranger Things: WHEN LAST YEAR came to an end, I (wrongly) believed 2016 was like no other year in retail, not to ...
  • Ethiopian Express: The East African nation is ramping up sourcing capabilities, positioning the region (includes neighboring Kenya) as an up-and-coming hub for footwear manufacturing.
  • Kitschy Keen: Over-the-Top Embellishments turn Ordinary Silhouettes in Extraordinary Statements this Spring.
  • Paint the Town: Pops of bright red ignite a festive spark on the streets of New York.
  • Cool Runnings: From cult running shoe to lifestyle status sneaker, the New Balance 998 has withstood the test of time—and “dad shoe” infamy—by remaining true to its Made in the USA roots.
  • King Clog: The Boston clog, first introduced by Birkenstock in 1979, has clicked over the years with granola types, grannies, grade schoolers and, of late, the glitterati—all who’ve become hooked on its comfort attributes and classic styling.

October/November 2017

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  • Better Days: The Birkenstock BOX x 10 Corso Como, a new mobile pop-up concept for select retail partners to customize inside and ...
  • Shelter from the Storms: Following hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, the industry has shown its huge heart by mobilizing to help millions of people in need with product and financial donations.
  • Family Ties: Laura Conwell-O’Brien, executive director of The Atlanta Shoe Market, on the importance of family and pursuing one’s passions.
  • The Commitments: A computer science engineer by training, Richard Wang, president of Propét, is positioning the brand to be smart, quick and committed to being a reliable partner.
  • Flights of Fancy: Sleek, snazzy and sophisticated mules contain all the elements of statement-making style.
  • Sock It To Me!: From ankle to over-the-knee, sock boots packed a stylish punch during Paris Fashion Week.
  • Style Driven: The classic men’s silhouette gets tuned up for spring with fresh coats of paint, slick details and sporty soles.

September 2017

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  • Putting the “O” In Optimism: Joe Ouaknine, CEO of Titan Industries, offers his take on the retail turmoil, the perceived Amazon threat, endless competition and why, despite it all, the company is on pace for a record year.
  • Trendspotting: September 2017: Do the Ruffle The ’70s-era trimming jazzes up everyday casuals. Clockwise, from top: Restricted, Seven Dials, Bella-Vita, Minnetonka. ...
  • Breezy in Ibiza: Statement sandals and bold kicks are the go-to, off-the-beach styles on this Mediterranean island paradise.
  • The Eclectic Slide: Designers do the classic silhouette in funky materials, jazz details and pops of color. (Socks discouraged.)
  • Thinking Inside the Box: Are subscription box services an untapped opportunity?
  • Who’s Next: Vector spotlights at scene. Scene lighting, stage illumination Vector illustration Who’s the next up-and-comer destined to set the shoe world ablaze? ...

August 2017

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  • Trendspotting: August 2017: The hottest hues, silhouettes, materials and add-ons for Spring ’18.
  • The New Bohemians: Western and Boho elements meld together in an authentic Americana blend rich in details and brewing with classic looks for spring.
  • New Beginnings: Three veteran executives take the reins of three classic American brands, detailing their plans, outlining their unique strengths and defining why they are dream jobs.
  • Decked Out: Bold patterns, unexpected materials, color pops and hybrid silhouettes: The classic deck show is reinvented.
  • French Dressing: Parisian women look haute in the hot weather.
  • The Shoe Saviour: Bruce Katz, CEO of Samuel Hubbard, on how the company’s old-fashioned approach to designing shoes and building a brand is a blast from the past that’s taking the market by storm.
  • Smackdown: At what point is a brand’s product priced low enough these days? When it’s a steal—literally? Must the price be chopped ...
  • Be True to You: Sari Ratsula, president of Seychelles Imports, reflects on a life’s journey filled with opportunities, unexpected challenges and the sweet rewards of overcoming them.

July 2017

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  • Meet Gen Z: Spendthrift, entrepreneurial and smartphone-obsessed, here’s how to best reach this throwback generation.
  • Think Pink: Designers look through rose-colored glasses this Spring.
  • Kicks in the City: As temperatures rise, New Yorkers take to the streets in dresses, separates and sneakers.
  • And So It Goes: The tectonic shifts rumbling through the retail landscape in the past year were earthshaking enough, but these past few weeks ...
  • Well Suited: Manhattan’s dapper dudes choose sneakers to pair with suits and slacks.
  • Balancing Act: More than a year after being named president of Dansko, Jim Fox details the delicate balance needed to succeed in today’s topsy-turvy retail landscape.

June 2017

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  • Chills & Thrills: Spanning the extremes of peak performance to casual bliss, leading outdoor brands offer a broad range of styles for Spring ’18.
  • The New Black: The classic hue takes its turn in the spotlight for spring.
  • Looking for Good: Well, the latest quarterly sales reports came in and—surprise—department stores took another drubbing. The figures were “WannaCry”-like with comparable store ...
  • Family Matters: Kevin Bosco, president of Bos. & Co.—distributors of Fly London and makers of Softinos and a namesake brand—on building a wholesale business the old-fashioned way: through great products and loyal relationships.
  • Giving Thanks: Gary Hauss, the self-proclaimed Godfather of Shoes and owner of the J.Stephens chain, recognizes the importance of tenacity, loyalty and, most of all, family.
  • Queen Bee: Elizabeth Todd, owner of The Shoe Hive, generates a steady buzz thanks to her sharp eye for spotting the latest trends that keep a swarm of customers returning time and again.
  • The Gucci Effect: Creative Director Alessandro Michele’s kaleidoscopic vision has taken footwear fashion by storm, spawning a wave of imitators and redefining luxury styling.
  • Need A Lift: Towering flatforms give New Yorkers a fashionable boost for spring.
  • Wild Things: Fantastical furs, exotic skins and haute hides breathe life into couture collections.

April/May 2017

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  • Life’s Lessons: Greg Tunney, CEO of RG Barry, looks back on a career filled with self-discovery, satisfaction, surfing, skiing and success.
  • Pin-Up Girl: High-Cut flats for fall offer added coverage and striking geometry.
  • The Kingdom and the Power: If you took an informal poll of industry members right now, the overall sentiment would probably skew heavily negative. I’ve ...
  • Home Run Derby: A powerful lineup of projected best-selling comfort styles look to have retailers swinging for the fences this fall.
  • Fresh Perspective: Glen Barad, president of Taos Footwear, on how the brand’s number-one goal—to generate repeat customers—serves as the basis for its every move.
  • Get With the (Loyalty) Program: Why investing or reinvesting in a loyalty program might be the most profitable move retailers can make right now.
  • Flight Club: Retro bomber jackets are in tight formation with a broad range of shoe silhouettes.