July 2019

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  • Green is Good: Colleen Vien, sustainability director for Timberland, on how the brand continues to push the eco-friendly envelope.
  • Cycle of Life: Isaac Ash, president and CEO of United Legwear & Apparel Company, on the fruits of working hard and giving just as much back in return.
  • Right On!: Dani Zizak, vice president of corporate communications and social responsibility for Wolverine Worldwide, on how the conglomerate is doing right by its employees, customers and Mother Nature.
  • It’s All Good: Is it green and good, or just gobbledygook?
  • Riding the Sustainability Swell: Eco-conscious consumers are here to stay, and brands are hustling to beat their expectations on their feet—and in their hearts.
  • Sunday Best: New Yorkers getting to the church on time—in style. Reverend Yeezy, a.k.a. Kanye West, approves!
  • Good Fellas: Eco-hip kicks that lighten the carbon footprint.
  • The Queen of Green: Sustainable designs that will reign next spring—good for the planet and good looking.

June 2019

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  • Don’t Stop Believin’: Renowned sneaker designer, D’Wayne Edwards, founder of Pensole Footwear Design Academy, reflects on his dream job and passing the opportunity on to others.
  • Balance of Power: Dave Quel, president of Ecco USA, on how the Danish brand’s natural motion umbrella has secured a position of diversity, stability and growth amid great industry turmoil.
  • No Surrender: Against all odds and all comers, Mark Jubelirer, president of Reyers Shoes, on why he will never retreat.
  • The Change Constant: Change is relentless and inevitable, as 18 million of us who watched the final episode of The Big Bang Theory were reminded recently.
  • Goodwill Hunting: Two Ten Footwear Cares volunteering initiative is gathering momentum: more participants, a broader scope of events year-round and, best of all, greater good achieved.
  • Western Stars: Glam, gritty and pretty—the new cowgirl couture.
  • Trend Spotting: June 2019: Gray Area, Purple Reign.

April/May 2019

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  • Trend Spotting: August 2019: Slither In, Bouquet Hooray, Rad Dads, Ceasar Sandals, ’Drille Seekers, Knot for Nuthin’, Oh Boy, Heel Raisers, Summertime Blues, In the Loop, ...With Envy
  • Meet the Transformers: Commuters were crammed together like cattle itching to stampede in Penn Station as I awaited the track announcement for my ...
  • Ticking All the Boxes: Craig Truscott, co-founder and director of Revere, on building the brand one sit-and-fit retailer at a time.
  • So Pumped!: Kelly Hibler, vice president of Reebok Classics, on tapping into the brand’s rich archives for an enticing blend of menu staples, choice collaborations and fresh reinterpretations.
  • Worthy Advice: Beverly Goldberg, vice president of Florsheim, looks back on a career spanning retail to wholesale.
  • Let’s Get Small: The season’s key silhouettes, materials and embellishments.
  • Budapest in Bloom: Spring sprung in a sweet bouquet of colors during Budapest Central European Fashion Week in Hungary.
  • Green Dream: Sole x United By Blue raises the bar on sustainable design.
  • Gender Reveal: To Boot New York debuts first-ever women’s collection.
  • Chelsea Girl: Subtle tweaks and trendy twists elevate the new closet staple.

March 2019

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  • The Resolve to Evolve: Once again, our winner’s circle includes a range of design categories and retail formats that introduced breakthrough technologies, trend-setting styles and powerful brand stories as well as engaging stores worth experiencing in person.
  • The Natural: John Schuler, CEO of Schuler Shoes, a chain of nine sit-and-fit emporiums in Minnesota, has created an enviable empire built the old-fashioned way—through grit, honesty and excellence.
  • The 20th Annual Plus Award Winners: Recognizing outstanding achievement in design and retail.
  • The New School: Basics get a preppy polish with tassels and kilties.
  • Hey, Hommes: Word on the streets of Paris this season is the brighter the kicks, the bolder the statement.
  • Rustric Retreat: Cozy, comfortable slippers suitable everywhere from the bedroom to the barn.

February 2019

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  • The Shoe Traveler’s Life: How cool would it be to travel back to Langen-Bergheim, Germany, in 1774 when Johann Adam Birkenstock, the man identified in the local church archives as “subject and cobbler,” rolled out style No. 1?
  • Man with a Plan: Bob Mullaney, CEO of RG Barry Brands, makers of Dearfoams, Baggallini and Foot Petals, on turning the company from a customer-centric model into a consumer one.
  • Running Strong: Edward Kanner, CEO of Kanner Corporation—distributors of Gabor, Think!, Haflinger and Ganter—on how the family-owned distributorship of more than 50 years always goes the distance.
  • Local Color: A focus on experience and community shines bright in the brick-and-mortar battle with ecommerce.
  • The Big Short: Shoes stand tall amid the cuffed and cropped pants trend sweeping the Big Apple.
  • Be Thankful: Steve Libonati, president of Ralph Libonati Co., distributors of Blundstone, reflects how his father led him on a fruitful career path.
  • Blues Man: The deep, rich hue strikes a colorful chord in sleeker sneakers this fall.
  • Return of the Tartans: From subtle to striking, classic plaids reign.
  • Trend Spotting: February 2019: Photography by Trevett McCandliss

January 2019

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  • Game Changer: Roger Rawlins, CEO of DSW, on how the company is radically changing in order to thrive long term. By Greg Dutter
  • Full Bloom: Marty Rose, agent and distributor for ACL Footwear Company, makers of All Black, on a career spanning continents, industries, tigers and working alongside Calvin Klein.
  • Tech Talk: Larry Schwartz, CEO of Aetrex Worldwide, on the company’s unique high-tech approach to building healthy comfort footwear.
  • Weather or Not: Bootmakers are upping utilitarian features and the style quotient for Fall ’19, proving form and function need not be mutually exclusive.
  • Cold Chic: New Yorkers blend bundling up with booting up to battle the elements in style.
  • Hiker Chic: Stylish embellishments and sexy silhouettes lead hikers out of the woods and onto the runway.
  • Brown Around Town: From dark chocolate to light buff, shades of the trusty fall hue present a pleasing palette in men’s boots.
  • Will Act III be a Charm?: I believe Act III is in the process of unfolding in our industry. And I hope the rough and tumble journey we’ve all been on is resolving itself into a healthy, vibrant, more stable landscape.

December 2018

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  • Professor Kicks: Matt Powell, senior industry advisor Sports for the NPD Group, on what’s right, what’s wrong and a few possible solutions to what ails today’s athletic footwear business.
  • In Goth We Trust: Embrace the dark side of spring: black, bold and beautiful.
  • Roaring Again: Steve Sedlbauer, president of Cougar Footwear, on the rebuilt and repositioned brand that is gaining traction as a new blend of style, performance and Canadian cool.
  • Over the Rainbow: The pot of gold that is the Rainbow walking shoe by Mephisto.
  • From Russia with Punk: Tough ’tude on the mean fashion streets of Moscow a la chunky, funky and punky looks.
  • Blunnie Love: The intrepid Blundstone 500 Series boot has carved out a cult following and a reputation as a style statement for 50 years everywhere from Tasmania to Tinseltown.
  • No Regrets: Maurice Breton, president and founder of Comfort One Shoes, on the risks and even greater rewards from a life in retail.
  • Chasing Blunnies, Rainbows and Unicorns: Every season thousands of shoe styles are introduced to the marketplace only to disappear a few months later without a ...

October/November 2018

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  • All the Right Moves: Geoff Green, vice president, talent acquisition for Foot Locker, looks back on the roads taken—and some not—that’s led him on a path to career and personal success.
  • Dynamic Duo: David and Avi Benzikry, co-founders of Spring Footwear, continue to double down on their recipe for success: Always aim high and work as hard as possible.
  • What’s Selling: Runnin’ Wild Kids Shoes Brooklyn, NY: The 900-square-foot store is stocked with top brands like Nike, Puma and Stride Rite, as well as first walkers from See Kai Run and Old Soles.
  • Greg Tunney: Unleashed: The president of Hush Puppies on the 60-year-old brand’s plans to become a top dog in the U.S. casual market.
  • Meet the Retail Maestro: It started like any other weekend bike ride...
  • Retail Therapy: Not your grandmother’s comfort store, The Shoe Spa in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, is a soothing shopping escape.
  • These Boots Are…: High, short, slouchy, stretchy, chunky, sleek, colorful, ornate—and made for walking in Paris!
  • In Living Color: Hypefest, a two-day streetwear cultural extravaganza in Brooklyn, NY, saw attendees bring their A kicks game!
  • Cool Ranch: Western and Boho-Festival style elements hitch a ride with breezy prairie looks

September 2018

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  • DSW Goes Big on Kids: The new and improved kids’ department expands to all doors as the chain ups its one-stop shopping game.
  • Creep Show?: Recently, my teenage daughter was playing the theme music from Netflix’s hit sci-fi series, Stranger Things, on her electric piano. ...
  • Going for a Run: Tony Post, CEO/founder of Topo Athletic, on getting his latest venture up to full speed.
  • The Art of Simplicity: Peter Romanelli, CEO of Italian Shoemakers, on how the 36-year-old women’s lifestyle brand continues to grow by sticking with what it does best.
  • What’s Selling: Soultry Shoes – Chicago: Growing up in an extended family of business owners, Chicago native Yvette Dudley always wanted to run her own business one day.
  • Work Zone: The latest work styles for Spring ’19 are ready to get the job done with the innovative comfort and safety technologies packaged in versatile styling.
  • Very Prairie: Easy breezy dresses paired with classic casuals: the new boho is a go in Soho and beyond.
  • White Hot: The clean, crisp color is the go-to counterbalance to classic summer brights.

August 2018

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  • The Right Fit: James Rowley, CEO of Mephisto USA, on making the classic French comfort brand matter again in America.
  • Statement Sandals: Clunky, chunky, sporty and strappy sandals make for a bold statement at Paris Couture Week.
  • A Lifetime of Selling: CB Tuite, chief sales officer for OrthoLite, reflects on a career in sales and why listening is the secret to success.
  • Trend Spotting: August 2018:   The Golden Rage Designers dig shades of the rich hue. 1. Inkkas 2. L’Amour Des Pieds 3. Bill Blass 4. Ron White ...
  • Pastel Paradise: Sweet, dreamy shades evoke an otherworldly place.
  • What’s Selling: Footwear Plus – Roxboro, NC: When online sales took off in the early aughts, Mike Chambers could read the writing on the wall.
  • Onward and Upward: Much of what has helped make Footwear Plus a long-running success remains firmly in place: a friendly and knowledgeable staff backed by a quality selection.
  • Pass It On: More independent retailers are handing their stores down from one generation to the next. But making the move can be a challenge.
  • Jump Start: Move over, dad shoes. Spring kicks get sleek and sophisticated.