September 2019

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  • Moon Shot Mission: On the heels of meteoric growth and expansion, David Kahan, CEO of Birkenstock Americas, delves into why the brand has only just left the launch pad.
  • Trendspotting: September 2019: Mules Rule, Leisure Class, Slides Rule...
  • copenhagen chic: Danes go to great lengths to showcase their shoe game during the capital city‘s fashion week. 
  • Hello Yellow: From striking sunshine to sweet pastel, the warm hue radiates joyful style.
  • The DTC Debate Heats Up: With retailers and brands competing more than ever for sales, is there a way to share the wealth—or even peacefully coexist?
  • Breaking Bad: Streaks usually come to an end at some point.
  • Sole Man: Industry vet turned philanthropic entrepreneur Wayne Elsey on how his latest book about the power of hope and unity was inspired, in large part, by the kindness of shoepeople.

August 2019

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  • Toe-tally!: These little piggies went oui, oui, oui all the way around Paris.
  • Heat of the Moment: Men show a little skin to beat the Paris heat.
  • Fierce!: Wild cat prints are spot on for Spring.
  • Today’s Catch: Sporty yet dressy, fisherman sandals serve up the ideal summer hybrid.
  • Home Turf: Scott Home, CEO of Fashion Major Brands, distributors of Musse & Cloud and Coolway, throws a little chin music.
  • Minimum Wage Matters: As minimum wages rise steadily across the country, and government debates a national standard of $15/hour, how are retailers adapting?
  • Eye of the Entrepreneur: Robert Schwartz, CEO of Eneslow Shoes & Orthotics, reveals the secrets to retail survival.
  • In Good Hands: Kevin Mancuso, CEO of White Mountain Footwear, on how zigging and zagging has been the 40-year-old company’s key to success.

July 2019

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  • Green is Good: Colleen Vien, sustainability director for Timberland, on how the brand continues to push the eco-friendly envelope.
  • Cycle of Life: Isaac Ash, president and CEO of United Legwear & Apparel Company, on the fruits of working hard and giving just as much back in return.
  • Right On!: Dani Zizak, vice president of corporate communications and social responsibility for Wolverine Worldwide, on how the conglomerate is doing right by its employees, customers and Mother Nature.
  • It’s All Good: Is it green and good, or just gobbledygook?
  • Riding the Sustainability Swell: Eco-conscious consumers are here to stay, and brands are hustling to beat their expectations on their feet—and in their hearts.
  • Sunday Best: New Yorkers getting to the church on time—in style. Reverend Yeezy, a.k.a. Kanye West, approves!
  • Good Fellas: Eco-hip kicks that lighten the carbon footprint.
  • The Queen of Green: Sustainable designs that will reign next spring—good for the planet and good looking.

June 2019

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  • Don’t Stop Believin’: Renowned sneaker designer, D’Wayne Edwards, founder of Pensole Footwear Design Academy, reflects on his dream job and passing the opportunity on to others.
  • Balance of Power: Dave Quel, president of Ecco USA, on how the Danish brand’s natural motion umbrella has secured a position of diversity, stability and growth amid great industry turmoil.
  • No Surrender: Against all odds and all comers, Mark Jubelirer, president of Reyers Shoes, on why he will never retreat.
  • The Change Constant: Change is relentless and inevitable, as 18 million of us who watched the final episode of The Big Bang Theory were reminded recently.
  • Goodwill Hunting: Two Ten Footwear Cares volunteering initiative is gathering momentum: more participants, a broader scope of events year-round and, best of all, greater good achieved.
  • Western Stars: Glam, gritty and pretty—the new cowgirl couture.
  • Trend Spotting: June 2019: Gray Area, Purple Reign.

April/May 2019

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  • Trend Spotting: August 2019: Slither In, Bouquet Hooray, Rad Dads, Ceasar Sandals, ’Drille Seekers, Knot for Nuthin’, Oh Boy, Heel Raisers, Summertime Blues, In the Loop, ...With Envy
  • Meet the Transformers: Commuters were crammed together like cattle itching to stampede in Penn Station as I awaited the track announcement for my ...
  • Ticking All the Boxes: Craig Truscott, co-founder and director of Revere, on building the brand one sit-and-fit retailer at a time.
  • So Pumped!: Kelly Hibler, vice president of Reebok Classics, on tapping into the brand’s rich archives for an enticing blend of menu staples, choice collaborations and fresh reinterpretations.
  • Worthy Advice: Beverly Goldberg, vice president of Florsheim, looks back on a career spanning retail to wholesale.
  • Let’s Get Small: The season’s key silhouettes, materials and embellishments.
  • Budapest in Bloom: Spring sprung in a sweet bouquet of colors during Budapest Central European Fashion Week in Hungary.
  • Green Dream: Sole x United By Blue raises the bar on sustainable design.
  • Gender Reveal: To Boot New York debuts first-ever women’s collection.
  • Chelsea Girl: Subtle tweaks and trendy twists elevate the new closet staple.

March 2019

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  • The Resolve to Evolve: Once again, our winner’s circle includes a range of design categories and retail formats that introduced breakthrough technologies, trend-setting styles and powerful brand stories as well as engaging stores worth experiencing in person.
  • The Natural: John Schuler, CEO of Schuler Shoes, a chain of nine sit-and-fit emporiums in Minnesota, has created an enviable empire built the old-fashioned way—through grit, honesty and excellence.
  • The 20th Annual Plus Award Winners: Recognizing outstanding achievement in design and retail.
  • The New School: Basics get a preppy polish with tassels and kilties.
  • Hey, Hommes: Word on the streets of Paris this season is the brighter the kicks, the bolder the statement.
  • Rustric Retreat: Cozy, comfortable slippers suitable everywhere from the bedroom to the barn.

February 2019

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  • The Shoe Traveler’s Life: How cool would it be to travel back to Langen-Bergheim, Germany, in 1774 when Johann Adam Birkenstock, the man identified in the local church archives as “subject and cobbler,” rolled out style No. 1?
  • Man with a Plan: Bob Mullaney, CEO of RG Barry Brands, makers of Dearfoams, Baggallini and Foot Petals, on turning the company from a customer-centric model into a consumer one.
  • Running Strong: Edward Kanner, CEO of Kanner Corporation—distributors of Gabor, Think!, Haflinger and Ganter—on how the family-owned distributorship of more than 50 years always goes the distance.
  • Local Color: A focus on experience and community shines bright in the brick-and-mortar battle with ecommerce.
  • The Big Short: Shoes stand tall amid the cuffed and cropped pants trend sweeping the Big Apple.
  • Be Thankful: Steve Libonati, president of Ralph Libonati Co., distributors of Blundstone, reflects how his father led him on a fruitful career path.
  • Blues Man: The deep, rich hue strikes a colorful chord in sleeker sneakers this fall.
  • Return of the Tartans: From subtle to striking, classic plaids reign.
  • Trend Spotting: February 2019: Photography by Trevett McCandliss

January 2019

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  • Game Changer: Roger Rawlins, CEO of DSW, on how the company is radically changing in order to thrive long term. By Greg Dutter
  • Full Bloom: Marty Rose, agent and distributor for ACL Footwear Company, makers of All Black, on a career spanning continents, industries, tigers and working alongside Calvin Klein.
  • Tech Talk: Larry Schwartz, CEO of Aetrex Worldwide, on the company’s unique high-tech approach to building healthy comfort footwear.
  • Weather or Not: Bootmakers are upping utilitarian features and the style quotient for Fall ’19, proving form and function need not be mutually exclusive.
  • Cold Chic: New Yorkers blend bundling up with booting up to battle the elements in style.
  • Hiker Chic: Stylish embellishments and sexy silhouettes lead hikers out of the woods and onto the runway.
  • Brown Around Town: From dark chocolate to light buff, shades of the trusty fall hue present a pleasing palette in men’s boots.
  • Will Act III be a Charm?: I believe Act III is in the process of unfolding in our industry. And I hope the rough and tumble journey we’ve all been on is resolving itself into a healthy, vibrant, more stable landscape.

December 2018

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  • Professor Kicks: Matt Powell, senior industry advisor Sports for the NPD Group, on what’s right, what’s wrong and a few possible solutions to what ails today’s athletic footwear business.
  • In Goth We Trust: Embrace the dark side of spring: black, bold and beautiful.
  • Roaring Again: Steve Sedlbauer, president of Cougar Footwear, on the rebuilt and repositioned brand that is gaining traction as a new blend of style, performance and Canadian cool.
  • Over the Rainbow: The pot of gold that is the Rainbow walking shoe by Mephisto.
  • From Russia with Punk: Tough ’tude on the mean fashion streets of Moscow a la chunky, funky and punky looks.
  • Blunnie Love: The intrepid Blundstone 500 Series boot has carved out a cult following and a reputation as a style statement for 50 years everywhere from Tasmania to Tinseltown.
  • No Regrets: Maurice Breton, president and founder of Comfort One Shoes, on the risks and even greater rewards from a life in retail.
  • Chasing Blunnies, Rainbows and Unicorns: Every season thousands of shoe styles are introduced to the marketplace only to disappear a few months later without a ...

October/November 2018

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  • All the Right Moves: Geoff Green, vice president, talent acquisition for Foot Locker, looks back on the roads taken—and some not—that’s led him on a path to career and personal success.
  • Dynamic Duo: David and Avi Benzikry, co-founders of Spring Footwear, continue to double down on their recipe for success: Always aim high and work as hard as possible.
  • What’s Selling: Runnin’ Wild Kids Shoes Brooklyn, NY: The 900-square-foot store is stocked with top brands like Nike, Puma and Stride Rite, as well as first walkers from See Kai Run and Old Soles.
  • Greg Tunney: Unleashed: The president of Hush Puppies on the 60-year-old brand’s plans to become a top dog in the U.S. casual market.
  • Meet the Retail Maestro: It started like any other weekend bike ride...
  • Retail Therapy: Not your grandmother’s comfort store, The Shoe Spa in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, is a soothing shopping escape.
  • These Boots Are…: High, short, slouchy, stretchy, chunky, sleek, colorful, ornate—and made for walking in Paris!
  • In Living Color: Hypefest, a two-day streetwear cultural extravaganza in Brooklyn, NY, saw attendees bring their A kicks game!
  • Cool Ranch: Western and Boho-Festival style elements hitch a ride with breezy prairie looks